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Oh My Disney: 10 Reasons Nana is the Best Babysitter Ever

Babysitters normally fall into one of two camps: terrifying old lady or cool teenager; Nana from Peter Pan breaks the mold. We’re not referring to the fact that she’s a dog, that’s not even the best thing about having her as a babysitter. 38 more words


Top 10 Underrated Disney Movies

I love a bit of Disney. Everyone loves a bit of Disney. So why not create a list of even more Disney to fill those days of boredom with? 1,047 more words


The Top 3 Kate Bush Albums of All Time: A Love Letter (1 of 3)

Maybe there is no point to this list. There’s no conflict here. There was never a time that I didn’t love Kate Bush. No hard won battle to overcome her progressive rock-opera proclivities. 1,448 more words


Meeting Mr. Darling

Since I am still single in my fifties, you could say that I’ve never really mastered the art of relationships. As an English teacher who loves British rock music and Jane Austen, I read voraciously. 1,764 more words

Soul Restoration

What the Hell, Tinker Bell?

What happened to Tinker Bell? This has been bothering me more and more with every new Tinker Bell and friends straight to DVD release i.e. … 883 more words


onto the next project

I have another project coming up in my Electronic Communications course at the great Oklahoma State University. This time, I must prepare my resume (even if it is short). 190 more words

Champagne Is Not My Friend, or the Two-Day Hangover

I get the horrible feeling I’m getting old. This has been confirmed by numerous things over the last week or so, most of which are contained within hilarious events. 833 more words

The Opening Salvo