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Dan Slott trolls random woman on Twitter, then has the gall to bash GamerGate supporters

If comic book industry journalists did their job, then they would take Dan Slott to task for behaving like an immature clown on social media. The appropriate websites have abdicated their responsibility to discuss what it means to be a professional, so douglasernstblog.com will fill the void. 475 more words


A sculptural love letter to Spider-Man

“Dear Peter Parker, There are a few things I’d like to thank you for. First and foremost thank you for making a mask to cover your face. 441 more words


Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review (2014)

I’ll start by saying I never saw The Amazing Spider-Man. I figured it was reboot that basically followed the origins story of the Raimi original with minimal changes. 754 more words

01.24.15 Sensational Spider-Man 29-31 #DrunkPete

This week’s #DrunkPete took place during the Civil War era. (What is #DrunkPete?! Great question. For more information about #DrunkPete and its creation, read last week’s #DrunkPete summary… 1,113 more words


Marvel Vs Those that own their film rights - The real reason for Secret Wars?

With all the chatter regarding Secret Wars it is easy to get caught up in the hype that surrounds it. Looking deeper though it would seem that perhaps Marvel had no other choice than to pull a “ 333 more words


Todays Pin-up Spider-Man

Out of the posibility of rumours of Spider-man maybe perhaps apearing in one of the avengers coming sequels I thought it was fitting to do the web-slinger himself and as always it’s availible on ebay worldwide; 8 more words

Dark Spider-Man Artwork By Tierno Beauregard

Artist Tierno Beauregard has created this amazingly dark, gritty, and dramatic piece of comic book fan-art depicting Marvel’s favorite web-slinger, Spider-Man. The piece shows a black & white Spider-Man staring off into the sky as dramatically as possible, a depiction of what the artist believes the superhero should be, … 44 more words