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Sinners club

Peter Rollins tells a story of a man who is convinced he is a piece of grain on the ground. He lives in this deep paranoia until he draws the strength to talk to his local priest about the issue. 854 more words

You're Invited to an Evening with Peter Rollins

If anyone is in the Chapel Hill area – consider yourself invited to an event we’re hosting.

An Evening with Peter Rollins
9/16 8pm West End Wine Bar – Chapel Hill… 154 more words

Jesus was a heretic.

I think it’s easy to forget that Jesus was a heretic. He did theology on the margins. That is, he was someone who did not “ 503 more words


Larry Norsworthy: Norsworthy with Norsworthy


Luke’s Dad, Dr. Larry Norsworthy,  joins the show to talk psychology & theology,  alienation & aloneness, Peter Rollins’ Idolatry of God, chronic pain, the Peter Pan syndrome, suffering and a special outro from Luke’s daughters.

Newsworthy With Norsworthy Podcast

The Devil's Teapot

The idea that humans  exist as the servants of power, and that if they are not controlled by power, chaos will result; is common to many belief systems. 3,810 more words