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Pub Theology 4/22/14: Resurrection

Pub Theology 4/22/14

Living in a post-Easter world, here’s some thoughts & commentary on resurrection from N.T. Wright and it’s implications on our lives.


Mad, Crazy, Love

…I want to do mad, crazy things to his body. I want to make him feel amazingly good! I want to let down my guard and have him “toss my salad” (Loverman’s words).

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Those Evil Villains

It’s easy for me to get worked up about stupid people. Or those who don’t follow the rules. Or those who slap their children. You know who I’m talking about. 437 more words


There's Always An Outside

I listened to a talk by Peter Rollins about demons and those things we demonize. He quotes Bertrand Russell,

Imagine you are going to make a catalog, and the catalog lists every catalog  that doesn’t list itself.

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Eat. Pray. Silence.

There was once a wise teacher who would go to the temple every evening to pray with his disciples. By the temple there was a stray cat who would wander in every evening during these prayers and disturb the peace. 581 more words


How To Be An Idiot: Christ and the Symbolic Order

Recorded on March 15, 2014 – Those familiar with Pete Rollins work will recognize some familiar themes and stories at the beginning of this video which then moves into some interesting new ideas about “morons, idiots and imbeciles.” Rollins provocative ideas about the relationship of Christ to the symbolic order challenges us all to move beyond our moronic ideas and practices into the roll of idiots so that we might become imbeciles. 19 more words

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