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The Devil's Teapot

The idea that humans  exist as the servants of power, and that if they are not controlled by power, chaos will result; is common to many belief systems. 3,811 more words


Some Interesting Books Available at Christian Connexion

IMMORTAL DIAMOND by Richard Rohr (SPCK 2013) – Selling for R195

In his previous writings, Richard Rohr has had much to say about the ego, or False Self, and how it gets in the way of spiritual maturity. 258 more words

Wade Hodges: June Recap


Wade Hodges joins the show to talk with Luke about how Christians treat celebrities, idolatry, Foundationalism, evolution and more as we recap June’s shows.

Newsworthy With Norsworthy Podcast

"T"ruth / "t"ruth

Capital “T” Truth, by its nature, cannot be comprehended. One may develop an understanding of Truth, but this process yields an interpretation rather than Truth itself. 341 more words