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Virgin Birth

Don’t let anyone tell you that modern science proves that virgin birth is impossible.  It proves the very opposite. We now know that with the right technological intervention it is possible for a woman who has never had sex to give birth. 887 more words

Bertrand Russell

Of course I'm happy - I've got hundreds of pictures to prove it

I have admired Peter Rollin’s work for some time having come across it during my time in Cairo. His critique of what passes for ‘Christianity’ and ‘Religion’ is both challenging and engaging. 70 more words

The Desired Life

Tricks of the Light Festival, Belfast: April 14-17

Tricksters are transgressive figures that tarry with the gods. They play hazardous games that shake up heaven for the sake of earth. They’re harbingers of disruption, mischievous figures who carry chaos into the heart of any system that oppresses and justifies the status quo. 247 more words


#44. Food for Thought

Sometimes I just look through my iTunes library and find a title that I want, whether or not the song is well-known whatsoever. I’m sure some of you have been introduced to some… 375 more words