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Voice of the Lobster

There was one lobster left in the tank when I left the restaurant. I felt sorry for the lonesome crustacean, but sadder for its late companions whose carapaces lay empty on customers’ plates. 1,035 more words


Moral Equalization

This is the third part of the ‘From Neural Is to Moral Ought’ talk. Here, I relate the engineering principle of ‘equalization’ to morality, for reasons which will hopefully become apparent in later parts. 2,113 more words

Don’t Dismiss the Humanities

Extracts from a column by Nicholas Kristof in The New York Times, August 14

What use could the humanities be in a digital age?

University students focusing on the humanities may end up, at least in their parents’ nightmares, as dog-walkers for those majoring in computer science. 320 more words

Nicholas Kristof's defense of the humanities

Well, the defenses of the humanities just keep on coming…  Nicholas Kristof writes in his column today about how his understanding of the world was influenced by three philosophers: Isaiah Berlin, John Rawls, and Peter Singer. 284 more words


The Ethical Cost of High-Price Art

It was refreshing to find this article by Peter Singer, asking the same questions that have been troubled me for awhile. It is no secret that Chinese economic elite buys arts, wine, antiques and other interesting collectibles both for investment as well as a making a statement of belonging to a “highly cultured” social strata. 180 more words

Education & Learning

Peter Singer is out to lunch on Gaza

Yesterday, Peter Singer published this article discussing the morality of Israel’s recent war with Palestinians in Gaza. Normally, I am a fan of Singer’s work which usually contains a high degree of moral seriousness. 633 more words