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Grisly Arithmetic - Live 8, radical humanitarianism and 1.2 million needless deaths

If you’re over about twenty, you’ll probably remember 2005’s Live 8 concerts, the Bob Geldof-orchestrated anti-poverty events in the lineage of 1985’s Live Aid.

The day itself was a decidedly mixed bag. 1,013 more words


The Lives We Can Save With Our Salaries: Peter Singer on Effective Altruism for More Meaningful Work

The pursuit of meaningful work has reached critical mass. Today’s employees, especially millennials, are demanding more than a sizable salary and great benefits – they want work that gives them purpose. 1,917 more words

Think Again

Zizek is reformist on animal question

This article is republished from an eBook series that has been made freely available.

By Jon Hochschartner

The public statements of Marxist writer Slavoj Zizek, which are sometimes difficult to interpret given his predilection for irony and contrarianism, suggest he supports a lukewarm reformism in regards to the treatment of animals, which, pathetically, makes his species politics more progressive than many socialists. 719 more words

Merece la pena mojarse

A estas alturas del verano, hasta yo que he pasado algunas semanas alejada del todo del mundanal ruido, me he llegado a enterar de lo que es el “Ice Bucket Challenge” o “Reto del cubo de agua hELAda”. 846 more words

El 3 De Cada Mes

Trolley Problems, Utilitarian Logic, Liberty, Self-Defense & Property

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From Darwinian Conservatism-‘Trolleyology & Rawlsian Moral Grammar

‘For a Kantian utilitarian like Singer, the relevant moral principle in the trolley problem–that five deaths are worse than one death–is the same in both cases, and therefore Singer would pull the switch and push the fat man.

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Public Debate

Yaniv’s Objection To Singer-Type Arguments

Peter Singer is a popular philosopher who frequently argues that our commonly shared set of values should lead us to endorse vegetarianism, giving charity as much as possible, etc. 567 more words