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35 Hours JobSearch: We Publish the Mad DWP Guidelines.


From JJ.

Read closely: it is a ‘time and motion’ study designed to trap people in a remorseless set of tasks for 35 hours a week… 95 more words


MPs' inquiry: Five things we've learned about benefit sanctions

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From the effects on claimant health, to why you are more likely to be sanctioned if you sign on in Derby, there was much to learn from this week’s sanctions inquiry hearing… 1,222 more words


Tory Cuts KILL - perhaps it's because they're Psychologically disturbed?

Yesterdays news was full of the latest findings from Institute for Fiscal Studies demonstrating  the ConDems Changes to the Tax and Benefits system has cost households £1,127 a year on average, and even the Mail concedes this means “ 512 more words


The Tenacity of Us Working Class

If you’re wondering why I’ve been so quiet, I’ve been ill, just a regular virus that most people get in winter; the difference is its taken me a couple of month to get back to anywhere near normal, even for me. 693 more words


Sanctions designed to 'trip people up'

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Evidence to MPs on benefits sanctions

Our general secretary Mark Serwotka and DWP vice president Helen Flanagan (@Shenanigans_PCS) appeared this morning before the work and pensions select committee. 154 more words


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> It would be interesting to know how many PCS members have participated in handing out sanctions... and how many have refused to. I suspect its a lot of the former and very few of the latter. I think that if Serwotka really cared he might have attempted to oppose the sanctions regime before now.

Sanctions Meeting

The Durham anti Sanctions meeting organised by Unite Community took place today.

The meeting was well attended with representatives from the Trades Council, Labour Party, Samaritans, Durham Socialist Clothing Bank amongst others… 57 more words

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  > The only ones that seem to be missing are any people who have actually been sanctioned...