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What do I actually dress for?

In case anyone wondered, I am a PhD student specialising in the migration patterns of  high skilled migrants, at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam.

To finance that, I moonlight as an… 232 more words

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Hair Extensions: Long Asymmetrical Bob

Now that I’ve got the ‘lob’ hairstyle, I found that putting in extensions is a bit more trickier than when I just had normal layered hair with the V-cut at the back.   182 more words

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One of those days... (outfit fail!)

Everyone has one of those days…

Today I woke up a full hour before my alarm and could not get back to sleep. I was not rested at all! 226 more words

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Garnier Olia: Best At-Home Hair Color (By Far)

I decided to go back to black last Thursday.  I loved my ombre but I felt I wanted to go back to my Asian roots :p… 309 more words

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On the topic of jewellery (Josephine Colsen's to be precise)

I have a short neck. Sometimes this really annoys me because I like the chunky necklaces, but I end up looking like I have no neck. 245 more words

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Its Only For 4 Days..

..But I’m going to Winnipeg!

The initial plan was to fly there and surprise my mom for her birthday (August 26th), but then my dad decided to tell her my plan and then said not to tell me that she knew (get it?).   167 more words

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