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Fall/ Winter Outfit Ideas for Your Shape: Petite

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t posted recently. I just got my wisdom teeth out!  As always let me know what you think of these outfits and what shape you want me to feature next! 374 more words

A Sequin Outfit Under Christmas Lights

I first visited Fullerton Hotel last year during Christmas for a holiday getaway and could not forget how beautiful the decorations were! Therefore, one of my to-do activities this festive period is to re-visit the hotel again and record down the loveliness of the Christmas lights with images! 94 more words


An Embroidered Denim Maxi Skirt

My sister got back from Bangkok, Thailand, recently and got me a casual chic denim maxi skirt. At first glance, I wasn’t particularly impressed as I usually prefer something more flowy and light when it comes to maxi designs. 118 more words


OOTD: Floral Prints

For a fun  night out I opted for a very printed floral romper. It was out of my comfort zone to wear that much print on one piece, but as soon as I put it on, I loved it!   142 more words

Personal Style

A Layered Outfit

Apart from black, navy blue is my favorite dark color to wear as it complements my skin tone very well. Today’s feature centers on a layered look with navy blue as the main color theme  - 90 more words


An Oversized Quilted Top And Organza Slip

As someone who is really petite in build, there are certain fashion trends which I seldom attempt. One of the trend is the over-sized look, which I actually find pretty cool but thought may be too overwhelming for my petite frame.  119 more words


A Sporty Chic Jumper - Port Dickson II

Waking up to a majestic view of a beautiful beach is one of the most pleasurable experiences anyone could have. On the day we took this series of pictures, I was actually completely unprepared to do so as I had a really late night catching up with friends. 131 more words