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Moans of a canine nature

Our two pooches are at me.  They feel they deserve more credit than only shining on FaceBook and are insisting on space in WordPress too and not only the other dogs at training..   22 more words


The Magic Word

Open Sesame!
That is not the magic word.
You may not come in.

In DoG We Trust


Russell Sprout Ups His Game

I’ve missed the cat-love I always received from Pixar, my Abyssinian. He passed away a couple of years ago, and I asked Russell Sprout and Nami to fill the breach. 228 more words



A gorgeous one.

Have a blessed day.

To Reward or to punish? Let the veterinarians of Lachine explain!

Education according to veterinarians of Lachine.

We are always surprised that in 2014, many pet owners still quickly punish their animals but are reluctant to reward them. 610 more words


Management Requests ...

By Peter Ly, Property Manager

Here are some items that arose out of the Aug. 25 Board Meeting:

(1) Parking spaces are for your vehicles only. 128 more words

Building Management

Goodbye Old Barn


It took a little over two years, but yesterday we finally moved our three horses from our “old” barn to our “new” barn. (Insert a huge sigh of satisfaction and relief) It never dawned on me how much finishing work a barn requires before it’s suitable to house horses. 474 more words