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I Feel Terrible

I feel terrible for putting this cone on my baby, Lola.

The bugs got her ear and she has to wear the cone of shame to keep from scratching. 118 more words


The Spirit of the Fields on Edgewater Drive

I had fallen asleep the night before watching Boogeyman, and when he woke me up with a shake to my hollow shoulder I came out of a nearly comatose sleep on the verge of screaming. 468 more words

Flash Fiction

Cat on a rail


This is my cat. One winter, when it was cold and freezing, a neighbour’s kitten (they had five) would sneak into the house and snuggle up in my bed. 49 more words


Chosen (Bailey, Part 1)

The day was finally here. After many years of renting, I owned my own home with a fenced yard and could bring a dog into my life again. 580 more words

Animal Shelter

Kitten heels and sketching

I’ve added some sketches of Nikon to my artist’s journal. She’s so funny, taking no preference to which shoe she sleeps on or plays with. My kids love dropping pens inside my OT’s boot and she dives head first into the depths of it. 65 more words