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Dog Park Crazies

If you have ever been to a dog park, chances are you have met one … weirdos at the dog park.

Well the folks at… 27 more words


Nothing Like It....

I love my girlfriend very much.  I miss her whenever I work or I have to travel for work.  I look forward to getting back to her.   122 more words


Your Cat May Be Mean...or He / She May Be In Pain....Do You Know the Difference? via dvm360

Posted from the blog of Dr Greg Shaw the World’s Best Blog about Animals, Music , and the Cool Things In Between….

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Duncan -- Back By Popular Demand

I have been remiss.  A bad girl.  No treats for me.

Yes, it’s true.  Today I was reminded that I haven’t posted any pictures of Duncan recently. 190 more words


Gadgetpics: 15 Ridiculous Pet Products-ad

Gadgetpics: 15 Ridiculous Pet Products-ad

Some pet people are crazy, and this list of 15 ridiculous pet products proves it.

Goldfish Walker~Maybe you want a pet but you’re allergic to dogs and cats, so you decided on a fish instead. 39 more words