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Baby Hamster Update

I was worried that D.J. ate the last of her babies but, this morning when I checked, he was up and running. His eyes look partially open so he might be close to non-edible status. 44 more words



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Things We Fight About

No one wants to admit that they fight with their significant other. I’m actually fairly positive that Facebook was invented so we could display the perfectly edited wonderful moments in our lives. 405 more words



I was fortunate to receive a request for a commission before Christmas. The lovely Kathleen asked if I could paint a portrait of her boyfriend’s dog Massey. 240 more words


Release The Hounds

It’s been interesting incorporating a new dog into the household. Especially an adult dog who already has an established routine. Aside from the cats REALLY disliking Ziggy, everything has been smooth sailing. 877 more words