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This is Venus, Russian blue Essex and great aunt of the babies. She’s 17 months old, born on 6th April last year, and she has had one litter, with just one surviving baby called Ypsilon.


the beginning

“If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans.”

-James Herriot… 273 more words


Stem Cell Therapy helps dogs achieve better quality of life

If your beloved pets can no longer play fetch because they suffer from chronic hip or back pain, then you might be interested in a stem cell procedure. 186 more words


Desktop Dog

Zeus likes it when mommy picks him up and sets him where he can watch her work or just snooze on the cool wooden desktop. I think all humans should have such a tough lifestyle, don’t you agree? 15 more words


A Fascist Vet Answers Your Pet Questions

Blaine Middlebrow: Hello, pet lovers out there; it’s time once again for the South Carolina Today and Yesterday. This morning we’re honored to have a guest vet on the show, Dr. 853 more words

My Pets 2 – Sparrows

After my first disastrous pet episode -a ‘spoiled’ tabby tomcat- I wasn’t thinking at all about having another pet (at least for a while). When my summer vacations started after my fourth grade final exams (which went practically well), I left for my granny’s city with my family to spend the vacation at my granny’s place like we did every year back then. 753 more words


Dogs: The Best People

I often marvel at dogs. What they can accomplish when working with humans is astounding as well as their loyalty and compassion. There was one episode of Dogs 101 on the channel Animal Planet on TV, where a police officer from New York City describes his black lab who worked with him after the twin towers fell to help the rescue effort. 300 more words