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Article: E-Reading Rises as Device Ownership Jumps

I’ve had a Kindle for, oh, 3 years now, I think? And I can say definitively that it has lent itself to making reading easier and more convenient in my life. 236 more words


Greek election reflects country's differences with the EU

The outcome of the Greek parliamentary election Sunday, which gave power to Syriza, the left-wing, anti-austerity party that has pledged to restructure Greece’s crushing government debt, should have come as no surprise given the views of the Greek public about the European Union. 36 more words


On Survey Questions and Surveying Change in Attitudes Toward Guns

“If you want to measure change, don’t change the measure.” – Attributed to sociologist Otis Dudley Duncan

I was surprised recently to read that the Greenwich Council Against Gun Violence has…

1,162 more words

Compared to other nations, the U.S. lags in promoting women leaders

The article below is being published with permission from Pew Research Center. It originally appeared on the Center’s Fact Tank blog.

By Drew DeSilver, Pew Research Center… 566 more words


Journalism everywhere

Well it’s 2014, and it seems like everywhere you look online and on the web, everything is a tool for journalism.

When you go on… 442 more words


Guest column: Building racial and religious peace begins at home

By Sarah Mushtaq

The past year has been mentally exhausting if you identify as an ethnic minority. From the constant wars in the Middle East to Quebec and Ottawa to Charlie Hebdo in Paris, violence and negativity — in relation to, because of, and in response to Muslims — is seemingly relentless. 726 more words