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Survey reveals what Filipinos and the rest of the world fear the most

If the recent survey by Pew Research Center were to be believed, no one could exactly guess what most Filipinos feared, or believe is the greatest threat to the world in present times. 334 more words


Americans Believe Inequality Is The World's Greatest Threat. Other Countries Think Differently

Surveyors from the Pew Research Center asked thousands of participants in more than 40 countries to select what posed the “greatest threat to the world” out of five possible options. 97 more words


RIA Novosti: Crowds Walk Out on Obama’s Campaign Speech in Maryland

Crowds Walk Out on Obama’s Campaign Speech in Maryland

US President Barack Obama failed to rally the crowd while on a campaign trail in Maryland on Sunday, as people reportedly walked out of the room in a steady flow. 194 more words


Pew Research Center Survey

Amid the speculation that younger generations read less than the older population, I was surprised to find very little truth supporting these rumors. The thought that reading levels among young children has dropped because of technology was proven false by a… 426 more words


'Free and easy' data journalism tools from Pew Research Center

In a session on digital tools at the International Newsroom Summit in Amsterdam, the Pew Center’s Robyn Tomlin shared some key tools for working with data… 547 more words

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Here's What 44 Countries List As The Greatest Dangers In The World

Amid rising conflicts engulfing the Middle East, most of the 44 nations surveyed in a new Pew Research Center study listed the top threat in the world as “religious and ethnic hatred.” 216 more words


The world, mapped by countries' greatest fears

The biggest fear among the Japanese is, unsurprisingly, nuclear weapons. People in South Africa, Kenya, and Uganda are most worried about AIDS and other diseases. And inequality is the deepest concern for much of Europe and the US. 209 more words