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Teenagers and Social Media

This is the first time where adult life is starting to kick in. When creating a social media strategy recently, I was puzzled on how to engage with teenagers and the younger population.  319 more words

US views of technology and the future

It’s relatively easy for me to accept and adapt to new technology; I’m a lifelong early adopter and if budget allowed, my house would have more gadgets than the Batcave. 659 more words

In The News

A Little About Time

It takes a special kind of pretension to talk about time like I know how it works. Lucky for you, I’m just pretentious enough to try.   494 more words

Study: White Americans Leaning Toward Conservative Policies As US Becomes More Racially Diverse

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – A new study has found that the idea of racial minority groups becoming the majority in the United States is causing white Americans to lean more toward the conservative side of the political spectrum. 280 more words


Global Morality & Economic Development

For a while now, something that has struck me is how similar standards of morality have been throughout human history, irrespective of a society’s dominant religious beliefs.   883 more words

Food For Thought

Guns for All

Traditional attempts to curb gun violence have been unsuccessful. The debate has reached an impasse. Its time to try a new approach.

I have a confession to make. 594 more words

A bad month for diversity-focused fear-mongers | Toronto Star

Good piece by Natalie Brender on the fear mongers, citing the defeat of the PQ and its values charter, the Mosaic Institute’s study on imported conflicts ( 140 more words