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Marriage in college: How young is too young

Natalie Barletta – Opinions Editor      

College is a time of self-discovery. It’s when you truly find yourself, who you are, and what your contribution to the world will be. 648 more words


Article To Read: "At Grandmother's House We Stay"

Pew Research Website featured an incredibly insightful article and data on grandparents raising grandchildren.

On this blog, we have discussed the various stories of real grandparents… 74 more words

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Person on the Street Videos

Over the next week, you’ll be working with a partner to interview at least five people about your chosen topic from the Pew Research survey on youth and the economy. 265 more words

Pew Research

how we talk about millennials: the good, the bad, and the empty

It turns out millennials are smart! Well, maybe.

Last week, Pew Research published their findings on millennials and their relationship with libraries and books and such. 1,235 more words

MMR Vaccines linked to autism?

In today’s day and age, I would say I am not happy. I don’t believe anyone else would be happy once he or she discovered a vaccine cover up, which has been linked to autism. 150 more words

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Rising College Prices

It is no secret that the cost of receiving a higher education continues to rise and was drastically more affordable decades ago. The price of college stops many peo0ple from being able o attend and many people fear that the cost will continue to trend up and up. 82 more words

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Cents and Non-Cents About the Minimum Wage

Where would the money have to come from to pay for a mid range increase in the minimum wage (MW) for fast food workers in an affluent city like San Diego?  1,182 more words