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PFF Reflection #1: The First Day of School

- One-Minute Writes: this strategy was useful as a reflection tool in a small class setting, but I felt that it might not have been as effective when teaching a larger group of students. 443 more words

Avoiding the Oil Bet

I don’t think I could ever work for a macro-strategy investment company.  When I hear about investment ideas centered around relative currency strength, anticipated interest rate movement, commodity prices, and yes, world-wide oil supply/ demand, my head starts to spin and I have trouble seeing the forest from the trees.  867 more words

Coincidence is so cool and the Kevin bacon game

So it dawned on me on the drive home from work last night when listening to the Audible copy of The Last British Dambuster how small a world we really live in. 272 more words



I’ve just finished re-reading the Deathgate Cycle, a 7 book series published in the early 1990’s and one of my favorite fantasy series. One of the reasons I like the series so much is the appendices, which the authors created to explain various aspects of the series, including how the magic in the series works.

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