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My Fashion Sketchbook

I’ve be meaning to start work on a portfolio for a while now. I already have a magazine I made but I wanted something else, so as you can see, I’ve started sketching some iconic outfits worn by celebrities. 69 more words


Rings, the new Hair Bling

Prepare to discard all your hair bobbles! The latest way to fasten your plaits, or just simply to decorate them, is using rings. After searching long and hard for ‘Hair rings’ on almost all shopping sites hoping to find some cheap new rings specifically for hair, I soon realized that hair rings are simply finger rings that you put in your hair. 184 more words


Crop Top Scott

With the hottest festival of the year happening this weekend and the past weekend, there was bound to be some genius fashion moves and of course some fashion crimes.  179 more words


Kim's plans to succeed in Fashion

Following in the footsteps of fashion obsessed hubby-to-be Mr West, Kim Kardashian revealed her plans to break into the world of fashion and even went as far as to say ‘I’ll be a top designer, just like Victoria ‘. 219 more words


A Facial Fairytale

With Easter almost here, what could be better than a Bunny themed make-up line? Rouge Bunny Rouge is the hottest new make-up line to hit stores in the US. 139 more words


Tony Ward Couture Spring 2014

Le créateur libanais Tony Ward présente pour la première fois sa collection haute couture à Paris, lui qui a si longtemps prisé Milan pour défiler. Ce créateur peut être encore méconnu parmi vous mérite une plus grande aura médiatique qui certes s’étend de plus en plus avec cette première apparition à Paris, capitale de la Haute Couture, véritable consécration pour cette talentueuse Maison. 285 more words

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