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Pinning down my methodology - Part 3

Following a very useful, but somewhat intense supervision a few weeks ago, I have been focusing on stepping back from my very practical research design and workshop planning, and instead getting back to methodology basics. 548 more words


A Portrait of the 2014 Philosophical Gourmet Report by the Numbers

    In a recent post I asked why Professor Leiter had decided to replace reputational rankings with impact studies in his law school rankings, while sticking with reputational surveys in philosophy. 2,076 more words


5 murders yesterday in Juarez; total of 424 so far in 2014

There were at least 5 murders reported yesterday in Juarez–the three bodies left near the highway outside of Los Arenales in the Valle de Juarez and two more incidents. 151 more words

Ciudad Juárez

Let a Thousand Rankings and Non-Rankings Bloom

Academic philosophy is abuzz with the release of the 2014 Philosophical Gourmet Report (PGR), the somewhat-respected, somewhat-controversial but nonetheless much-used reputational rankings of graduate programs in philosophy. 1,708 more words


Before You Consult the 2014 Philosophical Gourmet Report, Consider Leiter's Words: "Reputation tends to be yesterday’s news"

      “ Impact tells you things that reputation doesn’t. Reputation tends to be yesterday’s news–what happened 25 years ago.” –Brian Leiter*

Could it be? Is this the same Brian Leiter who has argued vociferously… 2,193 more words


With a Bang--The PGR in Free Fall

On November 17, 2014 Brian Leiter posted a teaser, or trailer, for the 2014 PGR, on his overall rankings.  We have now had a total of four posts on overall rankings, including the last thirty of the top fifty departments on December 2nd.  319 more words