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How to Vacation at Atlantic Beach, NC Without Paying Much

You want to take the family on a nice vacation, but it will be less expensive if you stay in the US. In addition, you would like to be on the ocean near a historic area. 296 more words

How to Vacation at South Carolina’s Grand Strand at a Low Cost

It is common to hear someone say that she is going to Myrtle Beach for vacation. Most people do not realize that this location is just a small part of a vacationer’s paradise called the Grand Strand in South Carolina. 293 more words

Pinning down my methodology: Part 2

Having covered the basics of my methodology in Part 1, I now want to talk a bit about research design. Bear with me though, I am still very much on a learning curve with this stuff, so all the ideas are under development. 423 more words


Pinning down my methodology: part 1

Following a couple of recent conferences in Nottingham and Blackpool, I needed to spend some time thinking about how the discussions I had at these events could improve and feed into my research. 457 more words


Key Stocks With Insider Selling This Week

With the market posting some new all-time highs on an intraday basis this week, insider selling is not a surprise. We track this very important stat for our readers because if insiders are selling stock in their companies, it may be time for our readers to also consider a move to the exits. 413 more words


My Life as a Gamer: Xbox

For Christmas 2002 our parents bought us an Xbox. Losing our shit ensued. I think at this stage in life my parents had more or less accepted that I was always going to love video games, although I was truly taken aback that they went out and bought one. 261 more words