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Your Vacation Doesn't Have to Cost a Fortune Thanks to Preferred Guest Resorts

Have you ever dreamed of getting away from it all with a relaxing cruise, an exciting trip to the Bahamas, a trip through the romantic wine country of Napa Valley, a historic and party-filled time in New Orleans, or family friendly fun at Disneyworld? 266 more words

Get Your Own Piece of Paradise

It is quite natural to dream about having your own personal paradise, where you can escape the rush and frantic pace of a daily work schedule. 339 more words

Vacation Luxuries at a Fraction of the Cost – Preferred Guest Resorts Offers Significant Travel Savings

If you are reluctant to sacrifice the often substantial funds for a family vacation, you are not alone. In the past decade, many families have found themselves in financial hardships, and splurging on an all-inclusive vacation is, for many, out of the question. 287 more words

How to Vacation at Atlantic Beach, NC Without Paying Much

You want to take the family on a nice vacation, but it will be less expensive if you stay in the US. In addition, you would like to be on the ocean near a historic area. 296 more words

How to Vacation at South Carolina’s Grand Strand at a Low Cost

It is common to hear someone say that she is going to Myrtle Beach for vacation. Most people do not realize that this location is just a small part of a vacationer’s paradise called the Grand Strand in South Carolina. 293 more words

Pinning down my methodology: Part 2

Having covered the basics of my methodology in Part 1, I now want to talk a bit about research design. Bear with me though, I am still very much on a learning curve with this stuff, so all the ideas are under development. 423 more words