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Wolves In North America Losing Their Genetic Diversity....

September 19, 2014 I thought this was worth reposting, in light of the ongoing and relentless wolf slaughter.


February 7, 2012 The mass slaughter of wolves over the centuries in North America has caused more damage then we could ever have guessed. 1,416 more words
Gray Wolf/canis Lupus

The meat and fish industries - part of chapter 1 of research study

The broad ecological issues associated with the meat industry are, as it will be seen, largely the same as the ecological issues associated with agriculture; as Harold A. 2,002 more words

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#1443 - People Come and Go, Even in PhD Life


Doing a PhD research, or any work in general actually, is more than often not just about the work itself. Since many people are involved, sometimes there are things related to people (I am not sure if I can call it “social interaction” or not; but no matter what the correct term is, I hope you get my message) that ones have to deal with. 1,208 more words

Zilko's Life

Ph.D. Graduate Research Assistantship Precipitation Variability: Climate, Mixed-Land-Use and Complex Terrain, University of Missouri

This important research will improve confidence in radar based spatially distributed rainfall predictions, thereby improving our ability to more accurately quantify hydrologic and related transport processes in the Critical Zone. 9 more words

The mining industry - part of chapter 1 of research study

The mining industry, a large subsidiary of the fossil-fuel industry, must be considered alongside the latter industry, one already examined for its extensive adverse ecological impacts. 1,935 more words

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Let's run this up a flag pole . . .

. . . and see if anyone salutes it.

I left a job I held for over 11 years because it was robbing me of my joy. 616 more words