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The Waiting Game

Perhaps the most stressful part of the entire dissertation process is not the writing… it’s the waiting. Bouncing along, writing everything out, tweaking things, getting it just how you want it. 622 more words

First FYI Wednesday Answers: Marisa's children and prayer question.

Vicky (19) relating her first remembrance of God, about age three:

I remember thinking that He would keep all the babies in a pocket next to his heart and he would hand pick the parent of each child.

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Should I go to Grad School?

Special thanks to a reader Roy from the University of Arizona submitted to me an excellent infographic that highlights the costs and benefits of enrolling in a graduate program. 52 more words


Overpopulation and resource depletion

Paul Ehrlich, Bing Professor of Population Studies in the department of Biological Sciences at Stanford University, along with his wife Anne, point out in The Population Explosion (1990: 37–40), that the “key to understanding overpopulation is not population density but the numbers of people in an area relative to its resources and the capacity of the environment to sustain human activities”. 426 more words

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Landfill waste, associated pollution, toxic and chemical waste

A landfill site is typically an area designated for the ‘controlled’ dumping of materials thrown away by human beings; such an area must be distinguished somewhat from the less formal rubbish dumps (which add to the numbers below an estimated 98,995,672 tons of ‘illegally’ dumped waste globally… 1,335 more words

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Fresh water

Water is a key ingredient for the survival of life, yet according to the Living Planet Report (2012:9), “2.7 billion people around the world already live in catchments that experience severe water shortages for at least one month a year”. 590 more words

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The Basics

So you want a little background? During my senior year in college I was very torn between applying to medical school and a Ph.D. program. What to do… What to do… I was a biology major as an undergrad and did one semester doing research full time. 309 more words