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#1464 - A Gloomy Week


… both in literal and figurative sense.


Because of the fall season, usually the month of October is quite a gloomy (or “depressing”, if I may say that) month. 1,344 more words

Zilko's Life

Stay Sharp – A Present

I have always wanted to have a real Swiss army penknife and now I do. I have spend the last few years researching and writing my Ph.D. 318 more words


Moving Toward God-Realization

Spoken by Master Ching Hai
March 9, 1991
Boulder, Colorado, USA

Well, I’m glad to have seen such beautiful Americans today. Yeah! I’m also amazed. I was informed outside that “Oh! 5,245 more words


Migration and Urbanization

This week’s readings discuss migration and urbanization in the United States and around the world. Migration affects populations in a variety of ways such as land use, community composition, health, and resource use. 1,299 more words


Fertility In More Developed Countries

This week’s readings focus on fertility rates in more developed populations (mainly Western countries) and also the impact of the second demographic transition on these populations. 1,030 more words



This week’s readings discuss fertility trends in populations. Fertility is acknowledged as being effected by various factors such as socioeconomic levels, political issues (conflict, views of government leaders toward childbirth and population growth) and as Bryant mentions, “the diffusion of new ideas”. 1,511 more words


Mortality Continued

This week’s readings discuss indicators that contribute to reduction of mortality in populations. These indicators include healthcare, economics (socioeconomic conditions), and education. When countries are able to address these indicators in a proactive manner, they are helping to ensure positive growth for the current population and also for the future populations to come. 901 more words