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Science (and the eco-crisis)

The same side-note that started the previous posts (for chapter 3) applies again: there is no claim here that the discourse in question must necessarily advocate eco-insensitive ideological stances, but rather that is has done so. 2,172 more words

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Technology (and the eco-crisis)

As in the previous section on Christianity, this section begins with something of a side-note; and as in the previous section, the side-note’s purpose is to state explicitly that there is no claim here that the discourse under scrutiny – technology this time – is one that must necessarily advocate the kinds of ecologically insensitive ideological themes that will come to the forefront below. 3,083 more words

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Christianity (and the eco-crisis)

To begin, note that there is no claim in this section that Christianity must advocate a necessary relationship between humankind and nature where the former dominates the latter – indeed, this disclaimer is applicable to all but one of the sections of chapter three (capitalism is the exception), and here it as acknowledged that the discourses under scrutiny are referred to ‘in general’, though with guidance and support from numerous critical theorists. 1,162 more words

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Tell me, English major, what do you do all day?

Sometimes I wonder if other human beings believe that all I do is sit in a classroom of five or six other fellow English scholars and discuss why curtains are blue in chapter six of x story. 599 more words


Joan Adamak has Reviewed PRISONER OF BELIEF by John Van Dixhorn, Ph.D

The Memoir of a Suffering Christian

The author is the son of parents from Holland who immigrated to Wisconsin and he along with his eight siblings were raised in the Dutch Reformed Church.  378 more words

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Research study: introduction to chapter 3

In the previous ‘Ph.D. postings’, I did some straightforward research about 1) what constitutes the eco-crisis, and 2) the direct physical causes of the eco-crisis. I originally grouped the 2 areas of focus into one chapter, but my supervisors advised that each area of focus becomes a separate chapter.  320 more words

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Four Takeaways from the AAR / SBL Jobs Report

The American Academy of Religion and the Society of Biblical Literature released a new report about the job market based on data drawn from the AAR/SBL job listings for the 2013-2014 academic year. 1,288 more words