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Destiny = Phantasy Star Online ? Kalian Jurinya.

Sebelum perilisan Destiny salah satu Game MMOFPS yang cukup populer akhir – akhir ini, banyak gamer fans Phantasy Star Online yang mengucapkan kemiripan game ini dengan kesayangan mereka, Phantasy Star Online… 6 more words

Destiny Star Online? How Vexing!

Probably no one will appreciate this besides Brian, but check out this nifty graphic that Redditor KyotorIndustries came up with, pointing out the similarities between Bungie’s… 34 more words


Reddit: Destiny and Phantasy Star Online

Here’s an amusing thread posted on Destiny Reddit; Destiny and Phantasy Star Online are the same game. It’s remarkable how close these games are in almost every single way.. 28 more words


Worlds: Disaster

<- Arrival || Hiding ->

Life had just been ruined.

749 more words

Worlds: Colonizing

<- Destination || Arrival ->

The future looked bright.

They landed on Ragol and it was beautiful, like Lily had said to him. He wasn’t sure if he had believed it then – but he definitely believed it now.

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Worlds: Destination

Destination || Colonizing ->

She was excited. So, so excited. 533 more words