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Sega Dreamcast: A Look Back After 15 Years

It is 1997 and Sega’s current console, the Sega Saturn, is floundering to say the least. With what started out as a horrid idea to announce at the first E3 in 1995 that the console had already shipped without warning, the Saturn was doomed from the beginning. 1,073 more words

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I Hate Blizzard With A Passion, But Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Is Pretty Sweet. Especially When You Get To Co-Op With Your Wife

Fuck Blizzard, Fuck Activision-Blizzard. Or Blizzard-Activision. Whatever the fuck they’re calling themselves these days. It’s like that weird hyphenated name bullshit. Look, pick one name. Stick with it. 787 more words

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Game Attunement (Or, An Excuse to Reminisce)


Have you ever felt like you just knew how to beat a game? When you played it, did your hands fly over the controls?

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Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst RAcaseal Redria Model Kit by Kotobukiya

My first experience with Japanese model kit building was over a decade ago, when one day Gundam Wing models showed up at my local Toys R Us. 416 more words

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Can Phantasy Star Online on Xbox be Played Offline?

For some reason I have this strange fascination with Phantasy Star Online for the original Xbox despite it being nearly identical to the release on the Nintendo GameCube. 393 more words


Destiny Beta First Impressions

(Because this first impressions article is being released well into the Destiny Beta cycle, it will cover a more overall impression of the game’s beta build along with the preliminary feel of what Destiny will become.) 741 more words

The Pixel Pen Review