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Life imitates (Sword) Art (Online) as Japanese gamers find they can’t log out of online RPG

The big selling point of online multiplayer role-playing games that they never end. Unlike a stand-alone, single-player RPG with a comparatively distinct path from start to finish, the adventure in online titles can go on indefinitely, thanks to periodically added extra content and the huge supply of new companions to go questing with. 515 more words


Dissecting Design: Fictional Anime MMOs

We’re going to change it up a bit. I’m a big lover of Sword Art Online and recently everyone has been talking about Log Horizon. So I watched it… then I tried to watch .hack//sign. 1,148 more words


Retro Game Friday: Phantasy Star Universe

This week for Retro Game Friday I’m covering the “sequel” to Phantasy Star Online. It’s Phantasy Star Universe!

Plot Synopsis: At the start of the game, Ethan Waber, the main character, and his little sister, Lumia Waber, are at the celebration of the 100th year anniversary of the Alliance Space Fleet on the GUARDIANS Space station. 247 more words


Kolaborasi Yuruyuri dengan Phantasy Star Online 2

Dari Akun Twitter resmi Sega mengumumkan bahwa kostum kolaborasi dengan Yuruyuri Nachu Yachumi pada hari selasa lalu, dan mengatakan perilisan kostum ini akhir November besok. 6 more words