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Phantasy Star III (Sega Genesis, Sega, 1990)

There are some video games that are known as black sheep. They have reputations for being unfairly hated on and that they were simply not given the proper time of day back in their release. 10,722 more words


A Kinda Long Trailer for Phantasy Star Nova

After disappearing from the news for almost a year, Sega is now on a roll in promoting Phantasy Star Nova. Take a look at this 9-minute trailer for the game. 45 more words


Phantasy Star IV (Sega Genesis, Sonic Team, 1994)

So, how do you follow up one of the most critically acclaimed rpgs of the early 90’s? You do it by taking what made it work, improving on what didn’t and streamlining the rest of the game in an incredible package. 11,957 more words


Phantasy Star II - Nei

It has been such a long time since I started the Nei piece, I don’t even remember how long it’s been! I’ve put it aside so many times but I’m glad to say it’s finally finished! 51 more words

Cross Stitch

PSO2 Buddy!

Yes as simple as it sounds I have spent 24 hours in creating a small basic app with a few spices in between, the fix for you to play through the proxy without the need of the tweaker for PSO2.   103 more words

Phantasy Star

Preview - Phantasy Star Nova

With the demo available on the Japanese PSN late August, I could give a try to Sega’s major exclusive for this end of year in Japan. 391 more words


Preview - Phantasy Star Nova

J’ai pu m’essayer dès la fin de l’été au jeu phare de Sega par la démo gracieusement déposée sur le PSN au mois d’août.

Contrairement à Phantasy Star Online 2, Phantasy Star Nova (PSNova) a été pensé pour le jeu solo. 441 more words