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ICYMI: I'm Featured in Slate's '2014 Year of Outrage'

Slate recently published a pretty remarkable round-up of this year’s outrage. Why is it remarkable? Because every day there was something to be pissed about. 191 more words

Native American

The Impact of a good tune: Forensic Musicology as research

This article originally appeared on the Million+ blog website. Words: Joe Bennett.

The legendary conductor (and acerbic musical quote-mine) Sir Thomas Beecham once said: “a musicologist is someone who can read music but can’t hear it”. 809 more words


“Reincarnation”: The new short film by Karl Lagerfeld

Hello Fashionistas,

Today, I would to talk to you about the new film Reincarnation, which retraces the history of the iconic Chanel Jacket.

You have Cara Delevingne’s vocals, excellent costumes and the gorgeous Pharrell Williams to keep you captivated during the seven-minute film. 100 more words



If you’re on Twitter at all, you’ve probably seen something about the new Chanel short film, Reincarnation, featuring Cara Delevingne, Pharell…and, oh ya, the new Métiers d’Art collection. 244 more words


Reincarnation - film by Karl Lagerfield

Sometimes Karl Lagerfield just comes up with these genius ideas! I have to admit I really enjoyed this short film and the whole idea around it. 146 more words



A film by Karl Lagerfeld | FT. Pharrell Williams, Cara Delevingne & Géraldine Chaplin.

Who other than the great Legerfeld can map out the whimsical wonders of the mind? 28 more words

Cara Delevingne and Pharrell for Chanel's new short film "Reincarnation"

Честит Декември!

Макар, че зимата не ми е любимия сезон, все пак има нещо красиво и естествено, празнично в този месец.

По сравнително новата ми блог-традиция, днес ще споделя още едно нещо от света на модата и красотата, което ме впечатли тези дни, а именно новото кратко видео на гениалния Карл Лагерфелд за Шанел, в което участват неговата любима Кара Делевин и Фарел, които са просто прекрасни. 146 more words