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The importance of having those conversations about cannabis

2011 was a life-changing year for my husband and me. After he got laid off from his job, we decided to put most of our worldly belongings into storage and take off with our 4 dogs in our 22-foot motorhome. 531 more words


Making a land grab

Here’s a scary thought.

Coke isn’t actually the real thing.

It’s not even happiness.

And how about this:

People are loving lots of things, only one of them is MacDonalds. 417 more words

Is M&A mojo here to stay? Bright prospects, bold ambitions, and rising firepower driving more deals

Mojo. The life sciences industry has got it back. Not just the biotech sector — they’ve had mojo for some time. And yes, specialty pharma is showing its mojo as well. 939 more words


Ebola Outbreak: Who Benefits From the Deadly Disease?

Source: Ria Novosti,  20/10/2014

MOSCOW, October 20 (RIA Novosti), Ekaterina Blinova – Although Ebola is a deadly virus which poses a substantial threat to humanity, it seems that some organizations and firms have grasped a chance to benefit from the global Ebola hysteria. 246 more words


TPP Requires Informed Consent From Kiwis

Whether the removal of tariffs simply hastened the inevitable death of a dying industry is moot. The key point I am trying to make here is that with tariff removal, and other such free trade initiatives is that Newton’s third law applies: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” 122 more words

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Big Data in Pharma: What is Big Data?

Author: Andrew Bryk (Research Analyst)

We are past the peak of the Big Data hypecycle, not least of all because about half of the content on the topic put out by marketing gurus, branding experts, and other non-practitioners has moved on from extolling Big Data to actively pointing out that fact. 762 more words


Purchase Omnadren testosterone blend online at Overseas Pharma!

Omnadren is oil based injectible that contains a blend of four different testosterone esters namely:

  • testosterone propionate
  • phelylpropionate
  • isocaproate and
  • caproate

Apart from the above mentioned mixture, various other mixtures of testosterone are used. 152 more words