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Offit-Shill-Offit, Invented Vaccines for Profit, Denigrates Parents Who Tell Him to Shove Off It!

Source: GreenMedInfo, by Michelle Schneider, October 2014

In Response to “The Anti-Vaccination Epidemic” by Paul A. Offit

Dr. Offit, one of three inventors of a vaccine… 464 more words


The Future of Pharma: Cont Flow

Although these are not fresh off the press, we are seeing more and more examples of Pharma embracing the power of continuous flow capabilities. Here are recent examples as our evolution continues. 16 more words

Keep Pharma away from my medicine! (Video)

When talking about marijuana the other day, I told a sitting legislator that I would grow my own or buy from the black market before I would go to a pharmacy to get my medicine. 56 more words


Sanofi fires CEO after profit warning on key drug

French pharmaceuticals group Sanofi SA fired its chief executive Chris Viehbacher Tuesday, a day after a warning about sales of a key drug sent the company’s tumbling by 10%. 398 more words


Health care careers are focused through HarNeedi.com

Looking for healthcare careers

There are many career options are available in medical. Choosing one from these fields to start a career in medical is not good. 182 more words


Save Children from Dwarfism through Somagena HGH!

Everyone must have come across people who are dwarf. Many people are born dwarf which happens due to deficiency of human growth hormone. This hormone is a very essential entity that is being secreted from the pituitary glands for the whole life. 274 more words

Boldabolic Injection

Anti-static ionised air blower for static elimination in tech, medical, pharma and RFID industries

http://www.fraser-antistatic.co.uk/our-products/2050-ionised-air-blower High specification Ionised Air Blower with integrated power unit and controls. High p…
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How to Choose the Right Medical Center… 11 more words