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The Nanny State Is Chemically Castrating Our Children’s Brains

Source: The Common Sense Show, by Dave Hodges, 28 Aug, 2014

Government should not be in the business of mandating personal choices and government should never be allowed to legislate choices which should be reserved for parents with regard to their children’s health and welfare. 360 more words


Stanford bioengineers close to brewing opioid painkillers

Source: KurzweilAI, August 2014

A decade-long effort in genetic engineering is close to re-programming yeast cells to make palliative medicines

Stanford bioengineers have hacked the DNA of yeast, reprograming these simple cells to make opioid-based medicines* via a sophisticated extension of the basic brewing process that makes beer. 127 more words


Hospital Hygiene, Procedures and a Whole Lot of Drugs

Getting your brain to work again after a loooooooooooong four-month break can be quite the challenge! But I welcome this challenge with open arms! It’s been three and a half weeks since we started classes at the UP College of Medicine and LU V has been great so far. 533 more words

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10 Commandments of Internal Brand Messaging For Pharma

Today’s brand leaders must communicate new disease state information to their own employees as well as to physicians, patients and payers. Most companies rely on established external communication practices to reach internal audiences, but leading brand teams develop specialized internal communication processes, channels and guidelines to customize their messages for employees. 234 more words


Is your organization a part of the food chain?

The exploding and irreversible pace of globalization has brought in its wake changes in almost all areas of human activity. Goods and commodities that were once confined to one’s local area have now started reaching out to the unlikeliest corners of the world. 415 more words


ISO 9001's Process Approach to Quality Management

ISO 9001 came into being exclusively as a means of incorporating a process approach to quality management systems. Both ISO 9000 and ISO 9004 underwent an amendment in 2000 to put this approach into place. 236 more words


ISO 14001, the world's most Popular Standard for Environmental Management

If one were to be asked at a quiz which the most popular standard for environmental management is; the answer shouldn’t be difficult to give: it is the ISO 14001 by a long shot. 300 more words