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In praise of FDA collaboration: the cardiac safety example

The Food and Drug Administration gets a lot of grief. Some think the FDA is too restrictive, keeping useful drugs and devices off the market and thus harming patients. 632 more words

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CIPLA’s plea for revocation of Novartis Patents for Onbrez may face major set back by the Government

As reported in TOI, the Indian Government has found very little merit in Cipla’s plea for waiver and cancellation of Patent rights for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) drug over which Novartis has exclusive rights. 713 more words

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Medical writing for National Eczema Association

Because of our experience tackling complex medical topics, we were referred to National Eczema Association to help them draft a letter to the FDA. (Yep, we’re talking serious stuff.) Contact us for more details


Your guide to understanding Prurigo Nodularis

We interviewed leading experts on prurigo nodularis, a rare subset of chronic itch, to create educational content about the condition.  All articles and Q&As written and edited by JR Lisk.

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Half of England Popping Pills Daily

The Health Survey for England 2014 reports that in England, 50% of women and 43% of men are taking prescribed pharmaceuticals. To get a fuller picture, we’d have to add in all the over-the-counter drugs as well, but the amount handed out by doctors is shocking enough by itself. 496 more words

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Write a message to the NIH

“Both consultations run until 19th February 2015 and are open to everyone, not just US citizens. ―Ian Bushfield, Campaigns Support Officer, Sense About Science.

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