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The Health Insurance—People Interface

Health insurance, really the cost of health insurance, has been a matter of significant public debate for over five years now. What hasn’t been addressed that I can see is the relationship between people and their insurance. 669 more words


Part Two: What is Wrong With Healthcare in the US? A Physician Perspective

The pharmaceutical industry makes me feel like a dirty, cheap whore.


Read this fantastic article by the New York Times “The Soaring Cost of a Simple Breath” 254 more words

Manufacturer of antibiotic helps to stay safe against several kinds of infections

Human body brags “Insusceptibility” to battle various types of contaminations and sicknesses of its own. For the same reason, we stay secured against various types of wellbeing issues without taking any sort of solution. 310 more words

Drug Development Industries

Immunosuppressant drugs keep immunity ineffective until body accepts transplanted organ

Human body boasts ‘Immunity’ to fight different kinds of infections and diseases of its own. For the same reason, we stay protected against different kinds of health problems without taking any kind of medicine. 297 more words

Drug Development Industries


A list of unapproved drugs in America that are marketed and sold.

Click Here to read my first pharma most linked with the table

source: http://www.pharmaphorum.com/articles/unapproved-drugs-in-the-us-and-fda-enforcement


Pharm Fresh Loops

Since January of this year 25 drugs have been recalled by a number of big pharm companies. A nice long list of recalls found on the FDA’s website tells us of a litany of bad drugs from IV solutions to eye drops. 453 more words


FDA approves a new product, Oritavancin, for the treatment of skin infections.

Oritavancin, brand name Orbactiv, the newly approved antibiotic, has been shown to work as effectively in skin infections as vancomycin. It is administered as 1 dose over a period of 3 hours, and it has shown effectiveness against S. 83 more words

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