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Pharmacy importance in society

While obligations differ around the diverse territories of drug store polish, how the money adds up is that drug specialists help patients get well. Drug specialist obligations incorporate an extent of administer to patients, from administering medicines to overseeing patient wellbeing and advancement to boost their reaction to the prescription. 83 more words


Hudson Students Win Nat’l Science Award For Water Study

HUDSON, Minn. (WCCO) — Students at Hudson Middle School have received a big national honor.

Two students placed third in the nation in the “Siemens We Can Change the World” Challenge for their project, which is aimed at protecting the ground water we drink. 294 more words


Sovaldi: Risk vs Uncertainty, Innovation vs Facilitation, and How Patents and Ownership Don't Differentiate Them

(This is an extension of my previous two posts on Sovaldi, particularly the second one.)

Piracy is simply the free market saying, “Your markup is ridiculous.”

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Sovaldi: What Price Innovation?

Just a brief addendum to my post on the $84,000 apparent hepatitis C-cure, Sovaldi. (See also addendum #2)

Gilead’s vice president Gregg Alton said… 461 more words

Why I like JB Chemicals

JB Chemicals is a ₹11.76bn Indian pharmaceutical company with well known brand names like Metrogyl, Rantac, Nicardia in its portfolio. In 2011, JBCPL sold the Russian OTC business to Cilag GmBH, a Johnson and Johnson company, for a sum of ₹960cr.


The pharma industry's blockbuster $29 billion, three-way deal is all about specialization

Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline, and Eli Lilly just announced a complicated four-part deal worth about $28.5 billion. When the dust settles, the three companies will look very different from before and, crucially, from each other. 555 more words