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Exploring the toxicity and processing of Pinellia ternata - a common TCM medicinal known as Ban Xia/半夏

Starting with an examination into the notion of toxicity in the classic texts of Chinese medicine, we move on to an analysis of the molecular mechanism of Pinellia ternata induced toxicity and finally we look at how the traditional processing methods of TCM are used to eliminate this mechanism of toxicity. 17 more words



I am very tired. It hasn’t helped that I couldn’t get to sleep on the night before the first class. Also I am still living in a hotel which is not very restful and I have to spend my free time apartment hunting. 169 more words

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Our first publication of 2015! Nicotine, Curare, and Planarians, oh my...

I am very proud to announce the e-publication of our first paper of 2015! It was published in the journal Neurochemical Research.

Here’s the release: 487 more words


Oxford Handbook of Clinical Pharmacy, 2012

Now fully updated for a second edition, the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Pharmacy remains the indispensible guide to clinical pharmacy, providing all the information needed for practising and student pharmacists. 139 more words


Drier than a desert

I have been wading through the assignments that are due on the first or second days of class. I wish the Orientation had included the overall goals of each course and descriptions about how they fit together. 88 more words

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“Human pharmacology is a non-linear science created by multiple variables at different levels of complexity:

1. Drug effects at molecular and cellular levels: drug-receptor interaction (pharmacodynamics) and drug disposition (pharmacokinetics)

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Week 28: Productive Weekend

This post is coming to you from my brand new Macbook Air!!!! I’m so excited to finally have a new laptop. I loved my Macbook Pro, but I got it in 2009 and it was showing it’s age. 436 more words

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