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A visit to the eye doctor - Cool Pharmacology!

Yesterday I went for an eye exam, only about three years overdue (I bow my head in shame…).

The eye is one of nature’s wonders. It does not matter the type of eye that we are talking about, from the relatively simple eyecup of many… 799 more words


Anti-diabetic drug is anti-tuberculosis too

Scientists from Singapore Immunology Network(SIgN), A*STAR have discovered that the widely-used anti-diabetic drug, Metformin, can also be used for the treatment of tuberculosis (TB). They found out that Metformin can enhance the efficacy of TB medication without inducing drug resistance. 160 more words


Singapore researchers enhance the efficacy of drugs

Yet again, A*STAR’s researchers have found ways to enhance drug efficiency. Dr. Desmond Heng and his team of researchers from A*STAR’s Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences (ICES), have developed a new combination of drugs to effectively combat bacteria in the lungs which lead to common respiratory system infections, or bacteria-linked pulmonary diseases such as pneumonia, bronchiectasis and cystic fibrosis. 87 more words



The Dictionary of a Douchebagette

Here are a few sample words as of 12.19.14:

  • Gastritis – Inflammation of a human’s stomach due to excessive consumption of spicy Thai foods, alcohol, caffeine-containing drinks and Coke Zero;  can be used as an excuse when you want to refuse a drinking session with other humans (because you know they are lousy to be with and they’ll just rant and rant when they reach that certain alcohol level); acid secretion can be controlled by ingestion of Proton Pump Inhibitors taken once a day before breakfast (Esomeprazole); causes funny growling sounds upon auscultation.
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