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Describe the pharmacology of suxamethonium

Describe the pharmacology of suxamethonium

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Mcqs pharmacology Histamine- pharmacy exams kenya

N: BThis is not a sample exam,but questions meant for your revision

1.H2 Blocker most likely to inhibit P450 drug metabolizing system:
C.famotidine… 511 more words


Parkinsons; advancing medicine and research on SMG1

One person in every 500 has Parkinson’s. That’s about 127,000 people in the UK. A study lead by the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) has established the lack of protein SMG1 as a contributing factor on the development of Parkinson’s Disease. 156 more words


Pharmacology - Contrast media in CT

For my fourth blog I’m going to read around a subject introduced this week, Pharmacology. In the lectures we covered an introduction into the basic legislation on the restriction of drugs and what types of drugs are restricted and why. 541 more words

IDIS 2014

October 14, 2014

I woke up pretty late, and since James was running pretty late, I was running late as well! I didn’t get to pack a lunch, so I ended up just being hungry most of the day. 680 more words

What drugs are being used experimentally to treat ebola?

With ebola in the news so much these days, I became curious which pharmaceutical drugs are being used to treat patients. I haven’t come across the information in any one place, just scattered among news articles and other sources. 329 more words