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Half way done with the kickstarter backed personal project

Haven’t had the chance to post in awhile on account of being crazy busy, but I thought this might be a good opportunity to talk a little bit about a project I’ve been working on.   94 more words


Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) MOVIE REVIEW

After being unfrozen in the future Captain America struggles to adapt to the new world around him whilst a soviet threat from the past comes back to haunt him. 447 more words

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Phase One Camera Roll Out...

Great fun yesterday trying out the Phase One IQ250 Camera. This will be more of interest to my photographer friends here, but… The IQ250 is the first CMOS sensor version for medium format and at 50 megapixels. 56 more words

3 Characters I Wished had More Screen Time

Ever since I was a child I have always loved bit or supporting characters more than the primary ones. I liked Robin more than Batman, and preferred Watson over Sherlock. 1,804 more words

Harcombe Diet Phase One: Complete.

I recently decided to start on the Harcombe Diet. I haven’t been happy with my body for a little while, and after some research into a range of diets, I decided that the Harcombe Diet appealed to me the most. 752 more words

Studio Portraits

As I continue adapting my ideas and producing work i have recently done a studio session, In this session I experimented with several different lighting techniques, using a beauty dish with a 10degree grid, and a zoom reflector with a 20 degree grid, using these and a black backdrop I was able to create a detailed image with lighting that moves around the subject, this gives them definition and creates the effect of a person being 3D rather than flat. 176 more words