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#1462 - Internet and Rendang


Internet and rendang? Well, what is the connection between those two in the context of this post? Well, nothing, actually, lol :lol: . As those are two totally unrelated stuffs which I still would like to write here now. 1,120 more words

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#1460 - A Busy Week and The Apprentice


A Busy Week

Seriously, this week has been a super busy week in my working life. I have to get up quite early and can only go back home really late in the evening where there are several things to take care of in between, haha :lol: . 861 more words

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What a day, what a day!

Good evening, readers! 

Man, I have had a bad day. I didn’t get the apartment that I applied for because my income for Target didn’t reach the mark and they don’t accept self employment income which would have totally qualified me. 502 more words


"Experiences of the Human Spirit"


I have struggled mightily with what to use as a general term for the type of experiences I’m studying and hoping to develop design concepts for products that can support. 238 more words


Things I wish I knew when I started my PhD…

As the academic year begins again, new PhD students across the country (and further) are slowly settling into their fresh surroundings. I stayed at the same university when I made the switch to postgraduate research but I still remember feeling quite lost at the start, not knowing what to do or where to be. 2,540 more words



As well as going to a conference in London, I got to enjoy it for the first time.

Since I was at least a young teenager I’ve wanted to visit London. 368 more words