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Academented Christmas, day the nineteenth - book review

Granted, this is not so much a review as an excerpt from a review used as a blurb. There are days when the PhD questions their own interests in using clear language to explain complicated scientific proceedings to other people, and the wisdom in choosing to do so in academese (~academic writing, with it’s sometimes jargonated forms). 66 more words

Phd Life

Discovering Conservation

A couple of weeks ago I had a very fun interview with James Borrell, a conservation biologist with a passion for science communication.  Apart from studying the genetics of trees, James is also the founder of… 87 more words


Academented Christmas, day the eighteenth - around campus, part two

Aside from various campus buildings, university areas are a hot-bed of places to eat (food of varying origins and quality). Some of these places will choose to decorate seasonally, which is often an appreciated mood-enhancer on grey days. 12 more words


Academented Christmas, day the seventeenth – around campus

Even though the PhD occasionally (although not really) wants to maintain the impression that they practically live in their office, the reality is that there are supervisors/colleagues/friends/training courses/ free lunches to be had in other buildings. 39 more words


Academented Christmas, day the sixteenth - snacks

The relationship between postgraduate students and free food can be compared to that between moths and light, or magpies and glittery things. However, even postgraduate  141 more words

Food Diary

How to Write a Thesis

… Or, rather, how to do it and adapt to the PhD life. These past three months have been wonderful, but also full of lessons learned. 1,836 more words


Academented Christmas, day the thirteenth - Lucia

Belated greetings for Saint Lucia. As a Swede (demonym for Sweden, not the root vegetable), December 13th is a day that I associate with a nearly unnecessary early morning, followed by singing/playing the violin to an audience in a Church or in care-homes for the elderly, and being given saffron buns for the trouble. 51 more words