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"You study psychology? What am I thinking?"

Last week, I attended the annual psyPAG conference in Cardiff, Wales. The opening Keynote by Dr Paul Hutchings has had a lasting impression on me and has inspired this blog post. 940 more words


Starting A PhD

This is going to be a relatively informal ‘first’ post regarding my progress as a PhD candidate. I am currently in the gap between my first and second semester working on this project, with a few years left to go. 726 more words


Starting the PhD blog

To blog or not to blog. It’s a question I’ve been going back and forth on for the past few months or so. But this week, I attended the iFutures Conference at the University of Sheffield where I sat in on a workshop based around the idea of disseminating research using social media. 329 more words


#1419 - Hot Days and Bucatini


Wow, the entire week this week has been a week with full of stories. Seriously! There are two stories which each, I think, deserves its own post, so I keep them for a bit later; and here are a few of them which are more “daily”. 1,141 more words

Zilko's Life

Back to the Books

After what has felt like months of writing my probation report, preparing presentations and stressing over my upgrade mini-viva I have finally got back to what I love most about doing a PhD – researching! 465 more words

Curse Tablets

Making myself presentable

One of the most important things I always knew I’d be developing while doing my PhD was my ability to speak in public. It has been clear to me from the outset that if I can’t communicate my research then there’s no point in doing it, especially as one of my main reasons for choosing to research curse tablets was to raise their profile in the study of Roman history. 444 more words

Curse Tablets

Ever had one of those days where you just pop into work to pick up a few bits so that you can go back home to do work in your pyjamas with unlimited cups of tea, only to find that you’ve unexpectedly received a spider in the post, thus meaning you have to stay in work to take videos of it? 27 more words