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學術期刊評審人員是否應匿名? / 期刊評審如何評估我手稿中的問題陳述,概念框架及研究問題?: 研究生英文出版投稿日報 7/26/2014


*學術期刊評審人員是否應匿名? (PART B)


*學術英文投稿教學影片 (188) Future of academic publishing

*精確英文寫作 (英文編修訓練) (5/6)

*科學英文論文組織寫作 (15) : (第一部分:背景)

Academic publishing news 學術英文出版新聞

學術期刊評審人員是否應匿名?(柯泰德翻譯) (PART B)

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How and Where

How and where to start with any of this stuff I don’t know.

Well on Wednesday I was provisionally undiagnosed with lupus, is the best way I can think to say it at the moment. 978 more words


Souvenir Geographies -- My first year PhD presentation in Landscape Surgery

The first-year PhD presentation day is a tradition of Landscape Surgery. I attended it last year as an audience member when I was a MA student, and was honoured to be a speaker in it this year. 420 more words



Hi gang

As I have written before I am studying a PhD in creative writing. As part of my studies I have to write an exegetical essay in which I have to analyse the creative process, and the text itself. 197 more words

The Basic Advice - Your Advisor

In keeping with extra considerations – your selection of advisor becomes very crucial if you’re planning on reproducing while dissertating (I just made that word up). 385 more words


Your Thoughts: What do you want us to be, or do?

The original intention behind this blog was to begin to tell a story in public, and to provide a space for other people in similar situations to tell similar stories.  889 more words

Chronic Illness