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Chapter 3.2: The funny story about the time that I got sick, oh and grad school... Pt.1

So as the title shows, I had a flare-up in my health and it got to the point landing in the hospital. With nothing the ER could do, I am back trying to get test results, navigate doctors, and trying to get homework done, on top of having symptoms that don’t mix well when trying to get things done. 403 more words

Choosing a PhD: people, place, or project?

How on this great, mostly blue planet am I to choose a PhD? Where should I live? Who shoud I work with? What should I research? 260 more words


And down we go

Well I finally handed in a draft of a chapter of my thesis I have been working on for a while. Most of the Easter weekend was spent on it. 1,324 more words

Mental Health

Bad Ass Lenin, Even with Mittens

When I see this picture, I see a bad ass Lenin. He is going to fuck you up. Or he is simply too fabulous for you! 123 more words

Hunting for a Job with A Bio PhD

I’ve been job hunting full-time now for almost 4 months. I’m not going to lie, it’s been pretty tough. Even considering that I’ve probably averaged over one job application per day, I’ve only had real interviews for 2 positions. 335 more words

Remember, the greatest failure is not to try.

I’ve found a moment of peace, sitting in the sun on my fire escape (It’s safe Mom, I swear!). I can finally update you on the craziness that surrounds me in New York! 1,018 more words

PhD with a difference: Microbiology, school science and science communication

Well, WordPress, its been a while. Just days before christmas I successfully defended my PhD Viva. I immediately  started my new job as a medical writer for a digital healthcare communication agency in Manchester (will hopefully blog about this soon), and since then have been pretty busy doing various things. 686 more words