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在我論文第一次初稿中要強調的重點為何? / 投稿同行評審的期刊時我應該遵循什麼樣的步驟? (研究生英文出版投稿日報) 9/19/2014

* 在我論文第一次初稿中要強調的重點為何? (PART B)
* 投稿同行評審的期刊時我應該遵循什麼樣的步驟? (PART B)
*學術英文投稿教學影片 (243) The Missing Key: Review – SQ3R
*除去重複及不必要的措詞 (英文編修訓練) (精確寫作) (9 / 12) 339 more words

Digital Humanities at Aberystwyth University

Last week I attended the Digital Humanities Regional Networking Event hosted by Aberystwyth University on Friday 12th September & Saturday 13th September 2014. The event took place in the council chamber of the National Library of Wales – an excellent venue, and there were speakers from Aberystwyth, Chester, Southampton, Bangor, Roehampton, Oxford and London providing a wide interpretation of what constitutes the Digital Humanities. 519 more words



Hurrah for great / depressing statistics! PHD Comics has a great comic about statistics (shown above), with the ultimate conclusion being that we’re doomed. Yay!  36 more words


Eugene Dawson '77 PhD (SSc) inaugural awardee of gerontological society

Eugene E. Dawson, Jr. has been presented with the inaugural Eugene Dawson Presidential Leadership Award by the Colorado Gerontological Society. From this year forward, the award will be given to distinguished recipients who have made an exemplary contribution to Colorado seniors. 38 more words


Cambridge, la conferenza che arriva di soppiatto e il LBD della diffidenza

Qualche mese fa ho visto una call for papers per una conferenza a Cambridge, e mi sono candidata. Cos’ho da perdere?, mi sono chiesta, e in effetti da perdere non avevo niente. 635 more words

Using Git and Github

Git is a powerful way to manage your code. It’s main advantage for working with code of any kind are:

  • You can commit (or bookmark) your code as you go along.
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Working on two papers at the same time

Dear Diary,

today was a pretty busy day: I was teaching in the morning and then had a short meeting with HVR. I send him a draft of my introduction for the paper yesterday and his feedback was very positive. 351 more words