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*如何為我的研究結果選擇最佳的研究主題以出版? (PART C)
*當進行學術期刊同行評審時,什麼是我應該考慮的倫理問題?(PART B)
*學術英文投稿教學影片 (227) The Four Levels of Comprehension
*避免過度使用It 及 There開頭句(英文編修訓練) (4 / 11) 263 more words

Another box checked...

I don’t often come here to chit chat, usually it’s to lay down something quite heavy and research driven; but this fall marks my last semester of classes in my terminal (read, are you crazy don’t take out anymore student loans) degree – this will make me ABD (all but dissertation) – you know where the pressure to perform a dissertation becomes the real white whale. 284 more words


#Mendatory Logo

I was feeling as lazy as a buffalo lying in the mud during hot summer afternoon (or at any given time) ( In fact I am as lazy as that at any given time, too!) and after spending the entire day in doing inessential (read-fun) tasks, going to the bench and finishing up the ‘scheduled’ work (I make to-do lists and have targets set for myself) for the day was no less painful than how it would be for that buffalo to be forced out of the mud by a kick on the back (ass is generally inaccessible and muddy). 185 more words


My student profile

Just a sharing on what I think of my student’s life as a PhD candidate.
More info can be found here: Dayana


The Graduate Wife Dictionary: Vocabulary of Grad School


When stepping into the world of graduate school, how many of us knew the lingo used? We know we spent a good while asking our husbands, “What does that mean?” when they first started grad school. 262 more words

Professional Careers

Hello 3D world

Welcome to my blog. It will cover mostly 3D GIS, my PhD, and other related stuff.

The name “Levelling the detail” was influenced by the topic of my PhD: level of detail (LOD), which is a principal topic in 3D GIS, and my most used term during my four-year endeavour at TU Delft.


Adventure Time: let's do some Science

I don't know how common it is for people without kids to watch Adventure Time, but let me just say:

This show is awesome!

It's fun, crazy and so freaky it's actually given me nightmares a few times. 131 more words

PhD Furby