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Upcoming talk: "Akira im Westen"

I’m looking forward to present some more preliminary results from my PhD research, more precisely on Katsuhiro Ōtomo’s manga Akira and its first English and German editions, at a conference on… 28 more words


Museum Geographies: Exploring the cultural geographies of museums, galleries and the arts

PhD candidate Carol Dixon has recently created a website for use as a more informal space for sharing information about her research relating to the cultural geographies of museums, galleries and the arts. 311 more words


Publish or Die?

One of the major challenges a PhD student faces here in the UK is that of publishing. This especially noticeable if the reason for undertaking graduate studies has been to enter the wonderful world of academia, which is dominated by that evil demon known as the… 1,071 more words


學習文字處理技能和掌握其他相關的軟體程序 / 先提交論文到學術會議再投到學術期刊 (在頂尖學術期刊上發表我的研究成果一些有效戰略?) 研究生英文出版投稿日報 8/29/2014

*學習文字處理技能和掌握其他相關的軟體程序 /掃視目前期刊 (在頂尖學術期刊上發表我的研究成果一些有效戰略?PART D)
*先提交論文到學術會議再投到學術期刊 /請不要把未發表的文章給陌生人看,特別是在大型會議上 (在頂尖學術期刊上發表我的研究成果一些有效戰略?PART E)
*學術英文投稿教學影片 (222) SQ3R+R: A Recursive Reading Process
*強有力的動詞(英文編修訓練) (11 / 12 ) 324 more words

12th Week PhD: Stories and Shalom

This week in the Advanced Worldview course, we were asked to discuss two questions:  “Why is the concept of narrative important to a Christian worldview?” and “What are practical ways we can communicate hope in our professional environment?” 215 more words


An unplanned path to academia – John Selby

As a lecturer at Macquarie University in the Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance, Dr John Selby confesses he took an unusual path on his way to academia. 751 more words

The end of my hiatus during the busiest week ever.

My hiatus is finally over during one of the busiest weeks ever.

This week I started my journey to getting my PhD. It included three days of three hour math boot camp classes, 3 three hour classes and a number of orientations. 157 more words