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Stuffed pheasant

Either my father and my fiancee’s father have their own stuffing recipe and i really love both . So i decided to merge both recipe into an ultimate stuffing , the best of both families. 141 more words



This morning I walked a route I had first discovered on 5th of April. I followed a large truck along  the footpath to the right of Downton Lane. 747 more words

This is a duck on the move

Everyone sooner or later living on this hill gets the odd partridge or pheasant visiting their garden, because we are all next to the fields. The birds don’t stay for long of course. 296 more words


A trip to the County Fair

John and I went to the final day of the Evergreen State Fair. It has been quite some time since we have spent the entire day. 617 more words


Iowa DNR says pheasant population is high

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Iowa wildlife officials say the pheasant population is high ahead of hunting season.

The state Department of Natural Resources says the annual August roadside pheasant count recorded the highest number of birds since 2008. 77 more words


Netherlandia and the Pheasant Dumplings

Coming up with a name for your restaurant is hard. A common method is to just name your restaurant by what it serves. In Korea this works really well when many restaurants have basically one item on their menu. 217 more words