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This is What the Grand Canyon Filled with Clouds Looks Like

Photograph by National Park Service

For the second year in a row, a rare phenomenon called a ‘temperature inversion’ filled the Grand Canyon with clouds. The weather occurrence is said to only happen roughly once every 10 years, yet it has happened twice in the span of a year; first occurring on 29 November 2013 and again on 11 December 2014. 168 more words


Picture of the Day: Mysterious Crater in Siberia

Photograph by Vladimir Pushkarev/Russian Centre of Arctic Exploration

Scientists in northern Siberia’s Yamal Peninsula recently descended into a massive, newly formed crater. Vladimir Pushkarev, the leader of the new mission and director of the Russian Centre of Arctic Exploration, took probes and made measurements with his team in hopes determining the cause of the crater’s formation. 88 more words


Day Two Hundred and Fifty-Five: Twigs

Even Kings need to bow down to you if they are gathering winter fuel, for we are none of us self-sufficient and fires must be made in the cold, from the kindling kindly left on the ground by the trees, dropped and blown and given as charity to their human brothers and sisters. 65 more words


Commerce and the world wide web

I’m old enough (Don’t remind me) to actually remember the ‘world wide web’ being ‘born’ in 1994. At the time I was trying to be a Business Development Executive, writing PR pieces for an IT consultancy amongst other things. 333 more words

General Musings

Happy Birthday, Jennifer Connelly

By the age of 16, Jennifer Connelly appeared in her first four films, check out three of them: Sergio Leone’s, Once Upon A Time In America, Dario Argento’s, Phenomena, and Jim Henson’s, Labyrinth. 28 more words


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Sweet Little Lies.”


The phenomena of lying depends a lot on to whom u are “lying” to. The more familiar you are to a person its more likely that you know their reactions to a given situation.

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Precognition – How Our Bodies React To Events Up To 10 Seconds Before They Happen

Over the past few decades a significant and noteworthy amount of scientific research has emerged contributing to the notion that human precognition could very well be real, and that we all might possess this potential -amongst various other extended human capacities. 1,356 more words