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Stepping out of Tron

I lost my world in a mirror. The mirror tricked me. I thought I was 3D.

I was 3D, until my mirror tricked me. Now I’m two dimensions. 114 more words



For over a year I’ve been attending a church group, I’ve started feeling really disconnected and lost recently because I haven’t been able to go to Church due to the amount of work I’ve had, but yesterday evening I went to a big, festival-like service to worship, sing, and pray with some of my old church group. 421 more words


Picture of the Day: This Rock Looks Like an Elephant

Photograph by Christoph Praxmarer

About 90 km south of Paris you will find Fontainebleau, described as one of the best bouldering areas in Europe. According to… 82 more words


Do we actually exist ?

Have you thought about whether you actually exist ?

In general terms, we need to distinguish the whole body and “reality” from “our reality”, the identity or self having experiences and what it experiences. 617 more words


Day One Hundred and Ninety-Four: Molehills

I seem to spend most days lately, laying on my belly in the damp, dewy grass, seeing things from down here amongst the mountain ranges that litter the lawn. 122 more words


This Tree Grew Through a Speed Limit Sign

Reddit user Swingguitars was visiting his wife’s grandparents when he noticed this resilient tree growing straight through a speed limit sign. The tree was spotted in the retirement community of Barefoot Bay in Florida. 61 more words


Field Report 05.28.2011: Area D (with Addendum)

One of the large, human-like tracks observed on the main trail in the woods at Area D, 28 May, 2011.  Copyright © 2014 Sanjay R Singhal.  437 more words