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This Frozen Pond Looks Like a Japanese Rock Garden

Reddit user odstane recently shared a series of photos of his backyard frozen pond. The frozen water created some interesting patterns drawing comparisons to a Japanese rock garden or the contour lines on a map (used to show elevation). 103 more words


Epic Dreaming and the Astral Plane

In this video Palona of Ascension Pioneers talks about where dreams come from and their role in soul evolution. Not all of her video resonated with me, but one thing in particular that I found interesting was the idea that the astral plane acts as a training ground for our skills, personal growth and soul development.    1,086 more words

New Age

Day Two Hundred and Thirty-Two: Frost

Crystallising cold, your icy patterns spreading across smooth surfaces, climbing stalks, reaching up to window panes and along paving stones, your fingers cracking as they stretch, the moisture hardening as the temperature drops at your heart-stopping presence. 69 more words


Picture of the Day: The Snow Wall

Photograph by Joseph DeBenedictis (@Joseph_Video on Twitter)

Western New York is currently experiencing a historic snowstorm with another 2 – 3 ft of snow expected to fall in the Buffalo area by late Thursday. 175 more words


Yes Twins, BUT NOT the Same Person

“Are you twins?” a question that is followed by many predictions if the answer was “yes”. Being twins is still a strange “phenomena” for many people, although studies have shown that between each 285 deliveries, a twin is born. 946 more words


Ray of Hope

We all need a ray of hope and all who believe in Jesus receive this hope. The post Authority Over All Phenomena was about the authority of Jesus to calm a storm and to cure a man with evil spirits.  78 more words