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4 Real News Stories Ripped Straight from 'The X-Files'

By David Christopher Bell via Cracked.com

Besides serving as a brilliant case study for the evolution of 1990s hairstyles, The X-Files taught an entire generation that Occam’s razor — the simplest explanation for strange phenomena is usually the correct one — is boring and stupid and completely wrong. 371 more words


Sped up time.

I’m kind of addicted to these blog post right now, that’s okay,you need friends and a blank page is listening :)
So yesterday was a great day and then a really shitty day, and the great day didn’t start until 8pm and the shitty day ended at 11ish…so how in the hell do you have “the best day ever” and “cry” Rapunzel(tangled)? 222 more words


Taller than Tibetan peaks and wider

Than oceans vast, no finite count

Or measure to attain,

Deeper than all trenches, deemed elusive,

More omnipotent than all rulers ever reigned. 55 more words


What Happens When You Blow Soap Bubbles in Freezing Cold Weather

If you blow soap bubbles in freezing cold weather, amazing crystals of ice form on their surface (actually in the middle as the water is between two thin layers of soapy film); starting at the bottom and expanding upwards until the entire bubble is covered. 248 more words


Remote Viewing

There are many cases reported of people being able to view places and objects telepathically from far away and it is often used to observe areas that are completely unfamiliar to the ‘viewer’. 244 more words