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Sea of Clouds Sunset

I love winter inversion days when the clouds drop down to the valley floor. If you can climb up a mountain, and get above the gray fog, then the sunset views are always spectacular. 112 more words

Ghosts of Majuba

SNA (Strydom, Newmark and Anthony INC.) was a great company to work for. If ever there was a company that felt like a big family, it was SNA. 486 more words

Shaping A Writer

Earthquake Lights

An earthquake happens somewhere in the world once every 30 seconds. Sometimes this natural event may be accompanied by the appearance of bright lights. These earthquake lights can occur any time before, during or after the seismological event. 143 more words


Day One Hundred and Thirty-Seven: Gardeners

Pottering parents, patient pruners, pea-pickers, they know the seasons and the sowings, the comings and goings, what likes shade and who wants sun, how to edge and dig and run twine up and down and round runner beans, sweetpeas and black eyed Susan’s tall teepees. 94 more words


Ouija Boards ~ a.k.a. Spirit Boards

Ah yes, the infamous Ouija Board. Many of us have heard of these communicative devices used to speak to the dead thanks to the hugely named board game companies that have popularized it as a favorite past-time for those who want to interact with the beyond. 371 more words



A Tulpa is defined in eastern texts and an unreal, illusory or mind created apparition or being. The word Tulpa is Tibetan and is roughly translated as ‘an emanation or manifestation’. 172 more words