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Phi Sigma Sigma: Inspire Women To Go Greek & Go Phi Sigma Sigma

Inspire, encourage & empower women to see if Greek life is something that they would truly be interested in.

Inspire, encourage & empower women to see if joining a sorority is one of the best & most rewarding choices that they will ever make. 242 more words

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Phi Sigma Sigma: Sorority Spotlight

For over 100 years, Phi Sigma Sigma has been – & continues to be – all of the above:

Phi Sigma Sigma is a Fraternity which enriches the lives of its undergraduate & alumnae members as well as the world. 221 more words

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Meet Bailey and her AMAZING voice!

Hey, readers!

I wanted to tell you all about one of my friends who really sparkles and shines everyday, thanks to her incredible singing voice- Bailey. 721 more words

Silver and Gold

I am currently on the phone with an old friend. Yes that’s right, I am blogging while on the phone. This may┬ácome off as rude however the girl at the other end is carrying a conversation with three other people. 548 more words

Phi Sigma Sigma: Top Ten Reasons Why I Still Love Phi Sigma Sigma

(As with previous posts about Phi Sigma Sigma, the following article was written from a fraternity man’s point of view. And as always, it’s a heartfelt shoutout to Phi Sigma Sigma’s undergraduate & alumnae members.) 349 more words

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