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Fez review: Weird and mesmerising but a must-play

Say what you like about Fez creator Phil Fish (who spectacularly quit the game development industry last year and cancelled Fez 2 after a Twitter spat), indie game Fez is one of those games that is a delight to play, not only because of its twisted perspective but thanks to its 16-bit graphics style and some innovative game play features. 389 more words


I had to wait a couple of years longer than most people to experience Fez. I did play it on Xbox Live Arcade back in 2012, and it became one of the first titles I attempted to review at Indie Gamer Chick that gave me a seizure. 1,167 more words


Review: Fez twists and turns its way onto Playstation platforms

This review first appeared on Player Attack

I find the fact that I’m reviewing Fez in April of 2014 quite interesting. It’s a game I’ve already played at least a dozen times on the  652 more words


Netflix: Indie Game The Movie

Directors: Lisanne Pijot and James Swirsky

Running Time: 94 Minutes

For any gamer, whether hardcore or not, and the world alike, video games are a big deal; a very big deal. 430 more words


Mixed Media Platforming

A wire of recent events: controversial game designer cancels anticipated sequel to brilliant debut, announces exit from industry; reclaims spotlight on April 1, declares return to industry and reactivation of sequel project. 1,369 more words


FEZ Coming Today to PS3, PS4, and PS Vita - Launch Trailer

Today is the day that FEZ comes to all PlayStation platforms. This is another very successful and acclaimed indie game that was released on other platforms before but is now making its way to PS3, PS4, and PS Vita. 51 more words

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Passion Behind the Pixels

Indie Game: The Movie is less about games and more about the interesting people who make them, suggesting along the way that these auteurs make art—not simple, pixelated diversions. 902 more words