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How the gaming community destroys its heroes

Microsoft it announced it was buying Mojang, the developer of indie-game turned phenomenon Minecraft, for $2.5 billion Monday. The same day, Markus “Notch” Persson announced that he was leaving the company, ending a heartfelt note with two very telling sentences. 67 more words

Virtual Reality

Internet Rage And Why It Has To Stop

So, I’m pretty fucking bummed out right now. The reason? I like video games. I like video games a whole lot. I like them enough to read extensive articles about them, and I follow certain segments of the enthusiast press religiously. 1,267 more words

The Internet

Indie Game: The Movie review

Watching Indie Game: The Movie gave me hope that there’s more to gaming than glorified roster updates on FIFA, and bigger guns on Call of Duty releases. 764 more words

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Gamers Drove Minecraft Creator 'Notch' Out of Gaming

So the rumors were true: Microsoft bought Minecraft developer Mojang for $2.5 billion. Original fans of the game are buzzing with concern that their beloved indie game is destined for ruin — as they are wont to do — and major tech publications are no doubt preparing their lengthy analyses of the business implications. 459 more words

Fez and the wonder of perspectives

For the most part, whatever Fez is has been forgotten on the altar of Phil Fish. One of the few people I can think of in the industry more infamous than his game. 735 more words


Don't Watch Indie Game: The Movie

Fez may be a great game but its creator, Phil Fish, is a stuck-up, narcissistic, cowardly twat. This man believes that because he created one successful game, he is immune from constructive criticism and must be reigned the “GENIUS VOICE OF A GENERATION” and the “face of gaming … just you fucking wait.” Yes, those are actual quotes. 386 more words


The Undercurrent of Misogyny in Gaming Journalism

Greg Costikyan, a writer for the gaming website “Gamasutra”, released an article in which he roundly attacks gamers who have rallied under the banner of what is being called… 1,816 more words