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Swift iterating Array of Arrays of Dictionaries

So i Have an array full of arrays of dictionaries


var array1 = ["key1":"value1","key2":"value2"]
var array2 = ["key1":"value1","key2":"value2"]
var array3 = ["key1":"value1","key2":"value2"]

**The keys & values are consistent throughout the arrays… 105 more words

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What is colon:message `:message` in form

I want to know more about how :message works. I see in the official docs how to use it but I don’t understand where the value is set and how it becomes a unique variable for each input. 105 more words

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How to write equivalent of lambda expression in Java 1.7?

I have the following code in Java 1.8.

solver.plugMonitor((IMonitorSolution) () -> solution.record(solver));

How can I convert this to Java 1.7 code without lambda?

Answer @ … 11 more words

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Chicken soup for the C/C-shipping soul

Ugh. RL just will not let up. This week a vicious cold befell yours truly; not being able to update the blog was a consequence. To be honest, my vision is a little blurry at the moment — not sure if I should be blaming the cold or the computer monitor — but either way I’m going to have to be brief. 202 more words

Phil 12.19.14

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  • Angular
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    • Got the inverse transforms working. It really slows things down though. As a compromise, I only apply the inverse transform to the hovered item…
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Can Swift func() return multiple values to an Objective-C caller?

If I have a Swift func defined thusly:

func hilo (holeSize : Int, prompt : Int) -> (ballType : Int, ballColor : Int)) {

return (result1, result2)

… 60 more words
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How to submit form loaded into BootstrapDialog Modal

I loaded my edit page into a modal dialog using BootstrapDialog http://ift.tt/1daBL6d but how do I get the submit button from the BootstrapDialog to submit the form? 114 more words

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