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Phil 1.26.14

8:00 – 3:00 SR

  • Looks like the presentation went well. Chris wants a single presentation as well, which should be easy – just add the FY to the title and then make one large slideshow.
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Phil 1.23.15

9:00 – 5:00 SR

  • Validating that my new, improved inheritance pattern works. Yep!
  • Building a login directive using OO. If that all behaves, then I can get back to scatterplot.
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Phil 1.22.15

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • Add a script that checks to see if a user has logged in within the last n months. If they have not, delete them…
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Phil 1.21.15

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • Deploying new dynamic chart script
  • Fixed a few things, but a Month4 Obligated is not working. Manually updating tables for briefing.
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Cult Cartoon Essentials: Doug

Doug ran for seven seasons (117 episodes) on Nickelodeon and later ABC (after it was acquired by Disney). The cartoon followed the adventures of Doug Funnie, an awkward 11 1/2 year-old “trying his best to deal with his fears of failure.” Doug keeps a journal, recording his various experiences over the series, which range from learning to dance to getting a bad haircut.  325 more words


A visit to South Carolina

I’m wrapping up my time in South Carolina. It has been a great opportunity to teach seminary students located in a different region of the country. 426 more words


Phil 1.20.15

8:00 – 4:30 SR

  • Fixed most of the issues with the dynamic chart presentation. Committed isn’t carrying over, and the generalized solution to partial FY needs to be implemented for all months.
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