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Dennis Kingsley of Charlotte: The Basics of Golf

Dennis Kingsley of Charlotte is a skilled and experienced golfer; someone who, not too long ago, was in contention to make the pro tour due to his amazing ability to drive the ball, putt and the play the strengths and weaknesses of any course to his advantage. 261 more words

Dennis Kingsley Charlotte

Clifton Lawson: Seize Your Chance to Make a Difference

Communities throughout the nation and the world depend on the generosity and time of volunteers, people who have a desire to selflessly give of themselves to help raise awareness, fill organizational need and make areas better and safer places for future generations to enjoy. 225 more words

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Dennis Kingsley of Charlotte: Basic Tips for Professional Success

Dennis Kingsley of Charlotte is certainly no stranger to hard work, something that has opened up multiple opportunities, and garnered him multiple company and industry awards throughout his 30 year banking career. 233 more words

Dennis Kingsley Charlotte

Clifton Lawson Provides Helpful Advice for Achieving Courtroom Success

Clifton Lawson has been a member of the Austin legal community for just over five years, though he has quickly become known as a rising star in the profession; someone who has consistently displayed the skill, insight and results-driven focus of a leading local trial lawyer, and who knows what it takes to both pursue and achieve justice for every client. 236 more words

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The Four Philantropists

There once was a village where an enemy army had come through and taken many of the men prisoner. There were four philanthropists who lived in the village. 364 more words


Why Rick Ross Really Bought Evander Holyfield’s Mega Mansion

Rick Ross has big plans for his new mega mansion — formerly Evander Holyfield‘s home.

There was much speculation as to why Ross was bought the big house. 273 more words

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Yosef Bleier, A New York City Original

Yosef Bleier is a successful businessman based out of New York City, New York. He is the founder and brains behind the nation’s largest single diamond trade organization, Diamond Dealers Club, NYC. 233 more words

Yosef Bleier