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@@@ Rammohun Roy. Monotheist - Philanthropist buy

Rammohun Roy. Monotheist – Philanthropist

Rammohun Roy. Monotheist – Philanthropist. If you looking for Rammohun Roy. Monotheist – Philanthropist. For more details of Rammohun Roy. 55 more words

Paul David Pope & impressive story of his ancestors

Paul David Pope is a third generation Italian-American who is a successful businessman and a well-known philanthropist. All through his childhood, Paul heard inspiring stories about their rich family legacy from his father Gene Pope. 295 more words


Useful Insights for Amateur Authors by Paul David Pope

Reaching out to millions of hearts out there is a dream that all authors begin with. Yet there are many who struggle to find the right way to do it. 161 more words

Paul David Pope

Paul David Pope mentions that National Enquirer

According to Paul David Pope, Pope Junior bought ‘New York Enquirer’ with some external financial help and completely changed its format and started publishing it as the ‘National Enquirer’. 172 more words

Paul David Pope

Paul David Pope Explains the History of National Enquirer

Tabloid writing is no longer a surprise factor in journalism. The fact that people are always interested in reading stories mostly related to celebrities gossips and scandals have fed to the growth of tabloid journalism and even when the readers know that the news may not be true, they never dismiss the possibilities. 159 more words


Summay of Manny & Lo. By Paul David Pope

Manny & Lo. Is a critically acclaimed motion picture produced by Paul David Pope. He is a philanthropist and made this film to deliver a message of women empowerment to the society. 323 more words

Paul David Pope

Learn about Generoso Pope Jr. from Paul David Pope

Paul David Pope is a contemporary philanthropist and keeps making huge charities for the welfare of the society. He has written a book named ‘The Deeds of my Fathers’ in which he admires the hard work of his grandfather Generoso Pope Senior and his father Generoso Pope Junior in bringing a change in America. 291 more words