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Speaking on the program Talk To Al Jazeera, Akon a Senegalese born in Missouri – where several Black men have been gunned down by police – speaks candidly on race relations in the US and declares that “America was never built for Black people.” 100 more words


Dennis Kingsley - All about Charlotte

Dennis Kingsley of Charlotte, North Carolina is a big fan of the city he calls home. He is a local success with a thirty year career in the banking industry as a high level consultant. 254 more words

Banking Professional

Deepak Kavadia - Former IDCA Leader

Deepak Kavadia is considered a talented and successful member of the gemstone and jewelry industry, and has, for years, designed beautiful, desirable pieces of jewelry that have been sought after by the even the most discerning of jewelry enthusiasts. 226 more words

Deepak Kavadia

Dennis Kingsley of Charlotte – Helping Entrepreneurs

Dennis Kingsley of Charlotte North Carolina is a respected banking consultant with over thirty years in the business. Kingsley knows many people in the area and has helped many businesses launch. 283 more words

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Deepak Kavadia - A Promoter of Indo-US Relations

Successful business professional Deepak Kavadia continues to be a strong advocate of open, friendly and positive India-US relations, something he believes is instrumental to the continued success and prosperity of both nations. 280 more words

Deepak Kavadia

Dennis Kingsley of Charlotte Deliver to Your Clients

Dennis Kingsley of Charlotte is a banking professional with a thirty year record of significant professional achievements as a banking consultant and trusted advisor. He places special emphasis on the success and satisfaction of his clients. 254 more words

Banking Professional