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Yosef Bleier Offers Knowledge on How to Run a Business

Yosef Bleier is no stranger to running a successful business. The proud owner of Diamond Dealers Club NYC, Bleier understands the commitment and work required from a small business owner in order to make their business run smoothly and be more profitable. 216 more words

Yosef Bleier

Ralph Lauren

The son of Belarusan immigrants, Ralph Lauren was raised in the Bronx.  His career began by  selling ties, using a drawer in the Empire State Building as his office.  150 more words

Fashion Designers

Yosef Bleier, Professional Jeweler

Yosef Bleier is known for many things in his neighborhood. He is a public figure in his community, always donating time and money to the common good of those in his neighborhood. 233 more words

Yosef Bleier

The best websites make it easy to help others

Instead believes that, with the right opportunities, everyone can be a philanthropist.

By partnering with key non-profits, instead provides a way to make small donations; usually in the amount of $3 and $5. 10 more words

Yosef Bleier Shares Options for Philanthropists

Yosef Bleier is an active member of his local community, and has become known for his generosity and willingness to help out those around him. As an active volunteer in several local organizations, Yosef Bleier understands how important it is for business leaders to get involved in the local community. 201 more words

Yosef Bleier

Yosef Bleier Teaches His Employees to Ask Questions

An honest, sincere approach to business is not what shoppers have come to expect from diamond dealers. The dealer will say they’re honest, sure, as they rummage through their craniums for every word and sales technique in their arsenal to keep the customers distracted from their own critical thinking. 212 more words

Yosef Bleier

Paul Newman, the Philanthropist

Paul Newman in 1963
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Philanthropists give me hope for us as a species.

These are the wonderful people who make an enormous amount of money and then choose to give it away, or at least share a great deal of with those in need. 475 more words