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Dr. David Jeremiah: King of Mailing List Abuse

“Please, make it stop; make it go away…”

I have no doctrinal issues with David Jeremiah. Although his radio and television programs are not broadcast at times I can listen or watch, as far as I know he is very mainstream Evangelical. 612 more words

He Said His Name Was Phil

He  was a con artist and said his name was Phil and that he lived in the tropics His claimed his enterprise was philantropic but you see that was only a disguise


Story of Trivikrama Mahadev (Burial of the dead by Subroto Bagchi)

What are the chances that you work in an entry level position or even a middle level job in a hotel, a hospital, a software company, or a government organization? 1,018 more words


Merry Christmas, World!

Can you all believe it’s the 24th of December already?

I remember the days would never go by when we were kids. I’m sure the days had five hours more and the nights were even longer. 486 more words


Museums + Creative Partnerships

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” 
― Albert Einstein

In a number of countries, the creative industries are the fastest growing business sector. 295 more words


Wordy Wednesdays: Philanthropist

There is a species of creature that has caused more death, destruction, pain, and suffering than any other in the history of the world.

And I love this creature, I think this creature is the jewel of God’s creation, and the object of His deepest love. 246 more words