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Leon Foundation

The Leon Foundation convenes family, friends and individuals to improve Peruvian children education through technology, give opportunity for students to increase learning, create educational development and growth, and help low income schools to address the value of education having a computer lab. 120 more words

Finding Support When We Need It

Taking on the justice system is a task not made for underqualified or light-hearted. It takes an extensive amount of knowledge and experience to step into a courtroom, stand behind an individual or entity, and then question or counter the legal actions being taken against them. 239 more words

Tony Amaradio Finds Time for Business and Philanthropy

Tony Amaradio’s long career in business began when he earned his BBA from the University of Michigan, after which he attended the University of Detroit. ¬†There, he earned his MBA with a concentration in taxation and finance.¬† 288 more words

How Do We Know What We Know?

In many ways David Peck has lived several different lifetimes.

I met him years ago through the Christian concert scene in Toronto. At that time he was an apprentice electrician. 610 more words