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Save water Save lives...

             The best way to find ourselves is to lose ourselves in the service of others – Mahatma Gandhi

In our third visit to Purandar, 52 volunteers from TechM Pune have once again proved that true happiness brings more richness than all the money in the world. 765 more words


Posseable and Possesed

When you think about it the vast majority of our time is spent viewing the world in terms of things that we already possess and things that are possible to possess.  248 more words

Toms For Target

Alright I’m really really really late to the party but did everyone else know that Toms is Targets next celebrity collaboration?  Of course you do because you are way hipper than me.   226 more words


The Pattaya Orphanage

I’m halfway into my second week volunteering at the orphanage and I’m feeling more settled and less clumsy than in my first week. I’m more familiar with the system and people working here which makes the Orphanage a homely working place. 506 more words


Donations in the name of philantrophy- today's papal indulgence?

Today’s blog post is not exactly about campaigning, but rather a discussion about charities’, philanthropy’s, and donators’ role in society. An issue that has trended recently in Sweden is the issue of tax deductibility of philanthropic donations. 361 more words

a contemplation

it’s been a running yearly tradition for my family and my in-laws to visit each other in our respective places of living although my in-laws visit us more often for they have the time (in their life-phase where they are already enjoying the benefits of their decades of hard-work).   2,086 more words


"Believing" in a good cause

“Believe” original mixed media on canvas 2008 by Sharon Burton. Copyright the artist.

Liberated Muse, Volume I: How I Freed My Soul, edited by Khadijah Ali-Coleman, (Outskirts Press: 2009… 207 more words

Sharon J. Burton