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恩惠与平安 [Grace and Peace]





Book: Philemon (New Testament)
Author: Paul

Philemon 3 :“Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.” 80 more words


Philemon 4-6

Paul thanks God for Philemon; he doesn’t thank Philemon for him. Thanks for people is ultimately due to the one responsible for what they are. We should thank God for the believers in our lives. 395 more words


Forgiveness for Philemon, and me

Earlier, I wrote about unforgiveness being a poison that we drink for ourselves, and not one that we can give our betrayer. Paul calls Philemon to leave behind this potion for not only the sake of Christ and one’s brother, but also for one’s self. 303 more words

Young Guns; Looking out for each other

Hey Parents,

I love working with your students. It keeps me on my toes and reminds me that it’s okay to be a little ridiculous sometimes. 484 more words

April 2: A Long, Difficult Trip

Read Philemon 1-25

Some of the longest and most difficult trips I have ever made have only been ones across town or to the other side of the room.  360 more words

Prison Letters

in what ways should we restore people, people who have wronged us, and owe us... and not only just put things back like they were... but "make it better," perhaps?

Philemon is a short book of the Bible that contains the story of a runaway slave. Onesimus bails out on Philemon, the slave owner. In his travels, he comes across Paul, who leads him to faith in Jesus. 284 more words


Introduction to Philemon

Philemon is a unique letter in the Bible. Paul is writing someone apparently just to ask for a personal favor. Yet the Holy Spirit inspired this and included it in our New Testaments for a reason. 255 more words