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The Romance Of Nothing

Come, pretend to be! Play, delight and spark hope. Only to be shred and burnt upon the altar of absurdity. For longed I the days of a child; in swims my mind like a light gleaming alongside darkened water, spinning and flipping, spiraling and greeting what it may. 236 more words

Martyr's Lament

I have waken before dawn
and driven through blinding snowstorms for you.
I have been lost, but without faltering, have altered course,
and when I could drive no further, I set out on foot… 210 more words

A Better Life Than I've Had

   Wealthy people have a stern faith in capitalism. And why wouldn’t they? Capitalism has seen them do well in life and it has seen much progress in the standards of living of most people in the world. 2,386 more words


Approach, philosophy or methodology?

We hear and read them often in relation with our preferred body of knowledge*, among which Theory of Constraints, Lean and Six Sigma… 605 more words


Singularity in a Sea of Cloud

Slipping over the tops of a rippled layer of stratiform clouds, their edges catch the light from behind us as we check our six before taking the plunge into the sea of clouds.  40 more words

Aerial Photography