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Short Story Saturday - "The Skull" by Philip K Dick

The Skull by Philip K Dick has several fascinating ideas, some of whom readers will find familiar and some not so much.

You can read the full text online… 280 more words


Inbox/Outbox: January 25-January 31

I find satisfying months that end on Saturdays. Very satisfying. It provides me the sense that all is well, that everything is in order, when, in fact, we are all hurtling higgledy-piggledy toward our deaths. 195 more words


Intellectual Property

If you have really been reading this blog for a long time, you know that I love science fiction — the only thing I remember reading before a raft of juvenile SF titles was a biography of Marie Curie and another of Joan of Arc, which could explain a lot about me. 241 more words

Reading Matter

Man in the High Castle and the Golden Age of Content

Amazon’s forward thinking decision to be the next content supplier along with Netflix and Hulu gave the world the Golden Globe-winning Transparent. Now, with both Netflix and Amazon being validated as outlets worthy of cranking out new stories that can be both critically acclaimed and popular, the rush to create content with high profile names outside of a cable box is now the new normal. 1,382 more words

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On the Papoola

In Philip K. Dick’s The Simulacra, there’s a tiny, ill-defined creature named the papoola. We never see a real papoola in the novel, but instead several characters interact with a robotic replica of the papoola (shades of  343 more words

Philip K. Dick

This Show Imagines What Life Would Be Like if the Nazis Had Won World War II

Amazon’s new pilot proves that alternative-history shows are an uphill battle

The Man in the High Castle, by Philip K. Dick, is an acknowledged classic of the alternative-history genre — the sort of books that imagine a world in which something important had gone differently. 552 more words

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