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Life After the Star Wars Expanded Universe: Harlan Ellison’s Dangerous Visions

Andrew Findlay

In Life After the Star Wars Expanded Universe, we take a look at science fiction and fantasy, why they’re great, and what they say about where our species has been and where it’s going. 1,960 more words


Recent Developments As A Writer

When I made the claim that I had at least a circumstantial case for having been Philip K. Dick in a previous life, I realized something very crucial: If I was him, I had nothing to show for it in the pace I was able to write stories. 780 more words

The Powers of the Earth

It’s a strange time, isn’t it? The last few days it feels like the strains on this modern world have given way to full-blown cracks and that we have begun to tilt toward inexorably into a future we are ill-prepared to face. 576 more words

Rethinking Old Ideas


Dinosaurs used to roam the planet.

The atmosphere was far richer in oxygen, and insects could grow to the size of small mammals. Being there would probably be a really weird experience with all kinds of prehistorical shenanigans happening everywhere you looked. 1,447 more words


Fun with skulls

I’m not a macabre person by nature, but I like skulls. I’m not talking about actual human skulls, but representations: drawings, T-shirts, liquor bottles, candles, etc. 315 more words