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This Week in FLAPPERHOUSE History

10 years ago this week, our editor & editorial consultant meet when they begin employment at New York’s Strand bookstore on the very same day. (Though not at the exact same moment; … 132 more words



After digesting what I’ve found about William Longespee, I can now say that what he reminds me of in myself is not a positive trait. 630 more words

FakeReview: Zero Dark Ennui by Gaston Glencastle

There’s something mythic and fragmentary about the ouevre of Gaston Glencastle, and I am not just referring to how his they found most of it, damp and nigh-unreadable in unorganized piles in the bottom of a disused well. 596 more words


The Eyes Have It

I have never posted a photo of myself here.  In part, it’s because I don’t want to give away my identity (though it isn’t exactly a closely-guarded secret).   274 more words

Philip K. Dick's Short Story 'The Crawlers' Adaptation Happening

Fans of author Philip K. Dick will be pleased to hear that a film adaptation of his short story “The Crawlers” is in the works. … 203 more words


My own minority report

A man came to me on the street.

Troyes Gamble? – he asked.

The next instant I was amazed at my own abilities to thoroughly check my entire past for the traces of any crimes and misdemeanours which could have led to a court writ being served. 328 more words

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