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After Some Thought...

After it became clear in a recent entry that I was still unsure about my beliefs, I had to stop and think about what my beliefs really were. 207 more words

Found This

I found one of the earliest stories Phil wrote after the experiences of 2-3-74, and it’s of great interest to me for its context more than its content.   153 more words

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly – Day 23



Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep

Philip K. Dick

Imagine a post-apocalyptic future where world war has killed millions of humans and government incentives have send even more of humankind to live off planet. 293 more words


ISHE Exercise - Can I quote?

This is a short reflection on Sci-Fi and Spying to see if I can quote correctly as part of the Harvard Referencing system and a class exercise. 320 more words


Philip K. Dick

The love life of Philip K. Dick was so complicated I wouldn’t even try to summarize it – there is nothing to do but recommend Lawrence Sutin’s… 186 more words

Soap Operas Of The Great And Famous

18 March 2002

Long gaps in the record developing here. Anyway. Last night I had a truly bizarre dream in which I was at first watching, and then became a participant in a film version of the Philip K Dick novel “Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said”. 138 more words

Philip Kindred Dick? More like Philip Kindle Dick! Free Philip K. Dick For Your E-Readers and iPods. Again... FREE PKD!

I won’t even get into my feelings for the work of Philip K. Dick at the moment, suffice it to say, I have over 40 PKD books in my collection and always hit the Sci-Fi section at every bookstore to scan for early editions of his work. 20 more words

Philip K. Dick