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Exceedingly Good Art

So here’s the Friday quiz: What’s the connection between Harrison Ford and Found & Chosen?

The admittedly tenuous answer, I can tell you, is a load of rubbish – or to be precise – “kipple”. 266 more words


Dr. Futurity (1960)

Chapter Summaries

Chapter One

Doctor Jim Parsons experiences a terrifying day dream that entails the destruction of the world that he knew while on his commute to work. 3,954 more words

Philip K. Dick

Yay for Comics! September 2014 Edition

So, a million years ago, Paul Pope drew an illustration of his THB protagonist, HR Watson, jumping for joy and exclaiming “Yay for Comics!” It is a reminder that the medium is filled with excitement. 926 more words


An Uncomfortable Subject

If I was Philip K. Dick, my memories are definitely incredibly spotty.

I didn’t know, for instance, that Seattle was where he once drove his then-wife Anne for an abortion until I did some reading.   580 more words

Releasing the Fear Brakes...

“Fear can make you do more wrong than hate or jealousy… fear makes you always, always hold something back.”
― Philip K. Dick 180 more words


Strapped Uneasily to the Pinmaking Machine

The great intellectual historian J. G. A. Pocock summarizes one ambivalence in Adam Smith’s thought as follows:

[I]n Adam Smith the principle of the division of labor and exchange of goods and services has been at work since the beginning of history; it has led, not merely to the satisfaction of more human needs, but to the development of new human capacities, wants, and aspirations, so that the personality has been progressively diversified and enriched….

1,251 more words

Adaptation Analysis- Blade Runner

I don’t think it’s been mentioned enough times that I like Philip K Dick. A vastly under appreciated writer when he was alive he died relatively poor. 984 more words