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Philip K. Dick

The love life of Philip K. Dick was so complicated I wouldn’t even try to summarize it – there is nothing to do but recommend Lawrence Sutin’s… 186 more words

Soap Operas Of The Great And Famous

18 March 2002

Long gaps in the record developing here. Anyway. Last night I had a truly bizarre dream in which I was at first watching, and then became a participant in a film version of the Philip K Dick novel “Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said”. 138 more words

Philip Kindred Dick? More like Philip Kindle Dick! Free Philip K. Dick For Your E-Readers and iPods. Again... FREE PKD!

I won’t even get into my feelings for the work of Philip K. Dick at the moment, suffice it to say, I have over 40 PKD books in my collection and always hit the Sci-Fi section at every bookstore to scan for early editions of his work. 20 more words

Philip K. Dick

New Wave Music

A month or so ago I started making playlists based on tracks that reminded me of some of my favourite fantasy authors: here are versions of them (minus a couple of obscure 80s Australian indie tracks which aren’t on GrooveShark) 26 more words


Rainer Werner Fassbinder made a sci-fi film?! Welt am Draht (World On A Wire)

Renowned director of New German Cinema, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, was an insanely prolific filmmaker. In fifteen short years he shot 40(!) feature length films, all the while working on multiple projects in theater, radio, TV, and acting in his, and others, films, not to mention that he performed manifold duties on most of these sets. 415 more words

Blade Runner

BOOKTOBERFEST GUEST BLOG: Five Standout Dicks - A Tribute to Philip K. Dick (by David Henley)

If you ever tried the Dick challenge and attempted to read all of Philip K. Dick’s science fiction works, after a while you may have felt, as I did, that all those strange worlds and characters seemed to blend together and it is hard to remember what happens in each book. 662 more words

Australian Author

Frase de la semana / Phrase of the week

“We did not fall because of a moral error; we fall because of an intelectual error…”

- Philip K. Dick


Desde nuestra distorsión epistemológica, la realidad deviene en lo que no es. 15 more words