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The Man in the High Castle Review

The Man in the High Castle

2.75 / 5

Lacks excitement. Expected more.

When I found this book, I was excited by the prospect of reading a book about the World if the Axis side won WWII, I thought this would be an exhilarating, exciting and intriguing book that would leave me unable to put down. 587 more words


My 20 Favorite Philip K. Dick Novels

Philip K. Dick never really got to see his own success, as he died while the “Blade Runner” film was being produced. He never got to see the cult phenomenon it would become. 149 more words


Books with Astral Themes

Sometimes you read a book, and you realize the author must have some kind of connection to the Astral plane.

A few months back I got into Philip K Dick in a big way, which I never did when I was young despite my voracious appetite for science fiction back then. 607 more words

Nexus 6 rumored to be launched as Nexus X to avoid Blade Runner trademark, expected quiet launch around Halloween

We heard last month that there was a new Nexus phablet on the way, code-named Shamu. The device is said to have a 5.9-inch 1440×2560 screen and a fingerprint sensor, and to be made by Motorola… 158 more words


My Soul Cried The Spaceman

A surrealist science fiction, in the ball park of Theodore Sturgeon and Philip K. Dick, published by Black Rider Press, (2013)


Here’s a review: 18 more words


When You're In Your Scholarly Room...

I am soon to face one of my first enforced retirements, the ensuing decades will have many, but this is one of my favourite jobs. I am to become surplus to requirement, a savage axing due to the relentless march of a child’s developing intellect. 624 more words