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One story ends, another begins

It’s already mid-April and I would say that the season on Boracay is officially finished. The school where I work is already closed, the tide in the bay is very high most of the day and the wind is practically gone, except for a few odd knots here and there. 531 more words


True Story

Sitting in a café in Dumaguete, we met a Norwegian man who advised us that although the Filipino people are very friendly, we should never invest any money here (we weren’t planning to). 33 more words


i want a life measured in first steps on foreign soils

After four months of being Hanoi-bound, last weekend I finally took the opportunity for an escape! I spent four glorious days in Puerto Galera, Philippines. I can’t even begin to tell you how incredible this trip was. 2,105 more words

Department Of State


Okay, so my dog won’t stop asking me to play fetch with him, I mean srsly, he’s on my bed now. Anw, it’s April 17, i dont know but I think I’m forgetting someone’s birthday today. 17 more words

Visa free travel from PH to Japan to start by June

“Good news to Filipinos looking to visit Japan. Philippine Ambassador to Japan Manolo Lopez says Filipinos may travel to the Land of Rising Sun, visa free, by June. 43 more words

Silver Phoenix Travel Services




It’s still summer and yes, we are still in our 2 week vacation (be back on April 29, 2014!), but I can’t help but to share this nice little preview given to me by co-designer, Berna Cuevas.  37 more words


Philippines: The Top 12 Beaches

I have always loved rankings of world beaches but when no Philippine beach appears on the lists, I would surely get disheartened. How could someone produce the list of the top 10 beaches in the world when in fact they have not seen all! 2,045 more words