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Orang Muda Hebat di Sekitarmu


Dear Reva, putri bungsuku…

Pagi ini meski menghadapi sederet rutinitas, tapi mama berusaha menyempatkan diri untuk menulis. Kebetulan, sambil menyelesaikan novel yang mama sedang tulis, yang insya allah sudah ada majalah lokal Lombok yang akan menerbitkannya sebagai sebuah cerita bersambung. 282 more words


Success is #passion practised to near perfection and placed in the public domain for use.

For success to come your way, there must be something in your life which you are passionate about. 336 more words


Fear is fearsome and destructive. It blocks the access to success because it is an emotion that is generated by perceived threat, an emotion that stops the brain, our organs and our senses from working properly. 335 more words


The Journey

It get’s a little old being told ‘it’s not the destination but the journey’. Literature abound with quotes and sentiments of a similar nature. Carl Rogers once said: 697 more words


Inherent Bias

Is bias towards the “other” inherent in a community, or is it something which is built from the outside in? This is something we were discussing this Sunday. 499 more words