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Conversations with My Ex - Part 2

I have my days. Good and bad. They fluctuate so much I’m starting to wonder if I have a mild form of bipolar disorder. On my bad days, I can only think of everything I’ve lost. 479 more words

The stress of being me

I want my writings to be like Khalil Gibran’s. He said, and I quote:

Give me a word, any word and I will give you my philosophy on it.

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If you’re not pissing someone off, you probably aren’t doing anything important

Meaningful achievements are, perversely, morelikely to annoy the world around you.

Are you losing weight? “You should be happy with your own body!” Saving children in Africa? 638 more words

Science & Religion

Continuing from this post, is another aspect which usually doesnt get highlighted in this science vs religion debate (which, by the way, we unanimously believe, are not two different worldviews, but rather, two aspects of the same worldview), is that the debate leaves out of the discussion a worldview presented by the seers of antiquity, which seems to be the one which science seems to be converging towards. 295 more words


Guest Post: A Scholarly Analysis of Dinosaur Debates

This next post was written by my close friend through the power of coercion.


Comic writer Ryan North seems able to take any topic, even the destructive side of nihilism, and make it seem light-hearted, silly, and, albeit a bit scaly around the edges, cute. 691 more words

Sunday Walkabout

On our habit of random walking about on Sunday, and we find that sometimes we are taken to parts of the city which hold treasures for the traveller. 347 more words



It’s the patch of fabric scratching a patch of skin that’s agonizing and incestuous but you can’t get enough.

It’s biting the side of your mouth with your back teeth, the sting of flesh splitting, the intrigue of electricity pulsing in your skin, the sweet discharge of ferrous blood onto your tongue. 1,204 more words