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How to Reclaim Your 'Self' !

I’ll try to keep this brief. “This is so important though, why are you only briefing me!” I’m not trying to run your life. I’m only giving you things to consider in a way you might not have. 849 more words


save me

i feel like i’ve seen everything, she said.

have you touched the sky?

have you felt the scales of a shark?

have you experienced the rush of near death when you jump off a cliff? 77 more words

Let's talk about love baby...

Let’s talk about all the good things that could be. Loving you. Self love. Self appreciation. You are beautiful. You are you. You are not here to be anyone else.  534 more words


Swimming in the River of Importance

In my previous post I discussed how what’s important is RELATIVE TO YOU. Maybe some people were hoping for me to answer that question for them. 701 more words


What's Important?

I tried to answer this immediately.
I realized giving an answer to this question
immediately wasn’t that important.
That’s preposterous!
It’s the damn title of the post! 422 more words


Examining Your Situation. How not to point fingers.

We all have those moments. It’s very easy to ‘jump’ to conclusions rather than realistically examine the situation. I mean we have to deal with all these emotions! 688 more words



mood – to recreate mood first submerge yourself in it. Then use your knowledge of the medium you are comfortable with to write it.

example, 174 more words