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Happy Vaisakhi

The first day of the month of Vaisakh (the first month of the Hindu new year) is a special day. The day is celebrated in different parts of India in different ways. 271 more words



Talk as much philosophy as you please, worship as many gods as you like, observe all ceremonies, sing devoted praises to any number of divine beings – liberation never comes, even at the end of a hundred aeons, without the realisation of the Oneness of self.


Alien God

At first it looks disconcerting, but then again when you think about it, it kinda …becomes even more disconcerting. Well Bothernaut!

What we are taught is so clear! 486 more words

Children Of God

Unravelling the Fabric

I once wrote about prayer. I said, in four words, don’t pray for me. Apparently two students missed the memo, because right as I took a bite into my lunch yesterday (sitting on a bench outside, enjoying the weather while I read a news story about… 981 more words


As Innocent A Child That Knows No Fear

As Innocent A Child That Knows No Fear

As I’m inspired by an innocent child that knows no fear, am I not scared anymore to say that my thoughts, I created are beautiful, not because others say, it is. 24 more words

English Version

I am a queen

I am a queen
Because my father is a king
He is king of love
King of response
His ability to respond
That we call responsibility…

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