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Consciousness ...

Following from the earlier post, heres a nice video, with Professor Russell Stannard, discussing the idea of consciousness, and the limits of scientific knowledge. There are some important questions here. 99 more words


Our Invisible Field

I came across this quote today:

“The field is the sole governing agency of the particle” -Albert Einstein.

It triggered something in my mind that although may be simple was simultaneously very meaningful. 417 more words

Of Consciousness

The other day, these guys were discussing the topic of consciousness. Out of the jumble of sounds (that’s usually what their discussion sounds like … unintelligible sounds), emerged a discussion about the nature of consciousness and the relationship between consciousness and the brain. 435 more words


Nature is not evil, some people got it backwards,,, because it'$ how man try's to control how we LIVE, that is not natural..it's EVIL!

I don’t need to show you paper documentation, to show you I am real!
We should not have to hurt each other…to know we all feel! 380 more words

Putting Art Back In HEart!

Sunflowers: The Story

No. This wasn’t right. This wasn’t right at all.


"Were following the leader." - Thoughts on Leadership

Tonight, I was at a church event and got to talking to another member of the church I will call Brother C.  Brother C. and I discussed many topics which were rich in perspective and which merit more thought.  1,468 more words

Spiritual Unity

At first I thought the name of this post could be “Spiritual Parallel” but the thing with parallel lines, so I figured out recently, is that they never meet. 245 more words