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Art is a journey...

I often find that both my visual art and textiles works are intwined. For my grad show exhibition i fustratingly worked on multiple pieces that i didn’t feel a deep connection with. 305 more words


Going philosophical today...

It was a wacky Friday when nothing seemed to go right.

From the moment I woke up, to get to my lunch appointment which was shifted an hour earlier, to being lost on the roads (Google Map screwed up this time) to reaching the destination, found out I was 15 minutes too late, to being stuck in the Friday traffic madness in Bangkok. 124 more words


Too be honest...I love this info graphic!

5 Questions for the dinner table with your loved ones…

You can find out more at Mindvalley, they are a phenomenal resource on everything self-help! … 9 more words


Salam, why do Shia Muslims not like Sunni Muslims? Shia Muslims are incorrect, becuase Sunni follow everything the quran and sunnah states. Shias are wrong. Right?

Walaikum salaam,

The Qur’an states to follow the pious ones, to accept Ali (as) as your wali, as verified by nearly every tafsir in both Sunni and Shi’a schools, and speaks to the superiority and purity of the Ahlul Bayt (as) multiple times. 388 more words

Mr. Universe

Did you ever dwell on life so much or see something on tv that makes you go down the rabbit hole? I watched “God isn’t Dead” with my wife. 535 more words


I saw an apparition!

It is haunting me day and night

It wasn’t just any hallucination!

so, lets meet her tonight!


It is a vision! 34 more words