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Two mistakes hidden by 'meaningful work'

Number of Hours Spent Working

Imagine you spent a millisecond working every day. Imagine further that this millisecond was the length of time required for you to meet your material needs. 486 more words

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The riddle of meaningful work

A Misplaced Desire

The desire to do meaningful work or to do what one loves needs to be brought into question. I too once made the assumption that meaningful work… 740 more words

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Movement and rest: The modern vs. the ancient view

The Modern Picture: Movement Before Rest

1. We moderns believe that movement is metaphysically prior as well as superior to rest.

2. To move is chiefly to act. 299 more words

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Socrates contra dogmatism, skepticism, and agnosticism

How, in all things, does one steer clear of dogmatism without being a skeptic or becoming an agnostic? The dogmatist is anyone who claims to know for certain, the skeptic (of the kind I have in view) being doubtful about what we can know for sure. 668 more words

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Socratic Moral perfection and the Unity of Virtue

One can start to make heads and tails of Socrates’s discussion of the unity of virtue with Protagoras once one introduces the concept of moral perfection. 584 more words

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Virtue's supremacy and its directiveness: Reflections on Vlastos's Socrates

In Socrates’s moral philosophy, what is the right relationship between virtue and human flourishing? In Gregory Vlastos’s view, wherein he defends the Sufficiency Thesis, there are four components: 726 more words

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What is work?

The first principle of all action is leisure. Both are required, but leisure is better than occupation and is its end; and therefore the question must be asked, what ought we to do when at leisure? 748 more words

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