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Insistence, Openness, Wonderment, Amazement

1. O cease your insistence. Nothing has to be just so. You do not know how it has to be, do you? Without insistence, you are open. 103 more words

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The Philo-Practice Agora

Ran Lahav and colleagues have created a wonderful community of philosophical practitioners (PP) at Philo-Practice Agora. Here you will find interviews with PPs from all around the world sharing their experiences, and reflections on the scope and method of this practice. 17 more words

The Way of Flowers (A whim)

I think I could really take to the Way of Flowers, though I don’t know what it involves. I like looking at wild flowers. I like cutting them. 111 more words

Philosophical Counseling

Two boo's for 'living in order to work'


Call me puzzled. I can’t help but recall a wealthy man I used to tutor while I was living in New York City. He was an heir to a famous American dynasty and was doubtless so wealthy that none of his grandchildren would ever need to work.  1,025 more words

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'Nothing happened until it did': Kensho and positive samadhi

Nothing had happened, but then I hadn’t expected anything to happen anyway. We must have descended the long stairwell, feeling the polished wood of the handmade rail with soft fingers as we went. 601 more words

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Openness, wonder, and joy

Philosophy is not for those who presume to know all there is to know. Nor is it for those who, being bourgeois, take life to be wholly self-explanatory. 618 more words

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What is lacking in having no strong attachments

It is easier for most of us to recognize, as if by default, Marcia’s prolonged grieving over her son Metilius than it is to understand someone who does not grieve or miss anyone who has passed into and out of his life. 592 more words

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