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"I told you so"

When you’re a junior resident, you don’t often have the opportunity to throw this phrase around.  But when I was standing in the OR 14 days ago, plating my patient’s bone flap with screws and dogbones in order to replace it after a craniotomy for evacuation of an intraparenchymal hemorrhage, I doth said to my attending: 300 more words


Anonymity - Part 1

Over the last year or so, I have been brought to a heavy place internally to think honestly and deeply about anonymity online and what it really means for the most virtually, socially connected, and yet disconnected generation in human history.  1,598 more words


ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Philanthropy or Slactivism?

In the past week, I’ve seen more videos for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge than I have for the Harlem Shake, which is pretty darn impressive (though not even close to the number of times I’ve watched the Red Pandas playing in the snow video). 1,912 more words


death's anniversary

Caveat/Apologia: This is going to be a kind of post that I really can’t recommend reading. Also. There is language that might offend someone. Also. Please don’t message me about anything having to do with my faith or lack thereof. 2,311 more words


What I Value

People use the words truth, beliefs and values interchangeably, particularly in spirituality. I think there are subtle differences. A truth is an aspect of consciousness. The only truth I can identify with so far is “I Am” and the love that flows from that. 324 more words


"I don't want to lose at this game", said the boy with a crush.

I like a girl. This sort of thing happens rarely, if I am being honest, as I tend to meet very few likable human beings. Well, likable in the sense that I want to go out of my way to spend time with them.  463 more words


How to be Superior to your Barista

Cody and Candace have (weirdly) given me several titles. My favorites are, “Daria-who-is-actually-peppy-but-also-hates-the-world,” and, “The Sassiest Barista,” and finally (and most relevantly), “Master of Custom Ordering.” 695 more words