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Brute Point - Hypocrisy

Everyone is a hypocrite, in one instance or another. It is a flaw inherent in emotional outbursts where logic and research comes second, or intentional and sometimes self-delusional attempts at portraying a better, false image. 343 more words


Being Spiritually Naked Is Great, But Where Do You Keep Your Keys?

The dilemma as you let go of thinking that keeps you from being free is that your relationship with the world changes.  It takes a bit of doing to bring what your learn as you let go of Mind into how you function in the world. 613 more words


The Old Stuff

The familiar.
What makes for the look sideways,
Over there?
Just to make sure the stuff is in its place.

Is it the dream?
That maybe. 156 more words


Staring Into The Void

I live with two amazing women. Two amazing women who are very similar to me in interests and talents and who laugh at my jokes when they’re funny.  328 more words

Follow the Longing

A few people have asked me if my post Emptiness was about a real person.  The answer is No. He is a representation of my longing for union. 611 more words


Frequency: more questions than answers

Having recently watched Inner Worlds Outer Worlds  I’ve been visualizing and reflecting a lot on the connections between energy and frequency and vibration and the patterns that make up our material reality (matter/anti-matter). 498 more words

The Whole Political Spectrum is Leftist

A political spectrum is supposed to be an objective way of evaluating, comparing and measuring the ideological distances between different people’s political opinions. I won’t get into all the different kinds of political spectra that exist, since that is irrelevant to my argument: to identify on a political spectrum is to identify as a leftoid. 888 more words