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Its Personal

I love you.

Even if I’ve never met you, I love you. If you have been out of my life and never to return, I love you. 138 more words


Paying the Ego

“I’m done perpetuating my ego through struggle and making you be the witness of it,” I texted him.

“Its all good, ” he answered, “I’m sorry I haven’t been available for you. 143 more words


A New View

I am a creature of habit. I wake up around the same time each morning. I love my morning routine of walking, journaling, reading, writing. I eat meals at approximately the same times each day. 432 more words


Lost in Translation 

 Enrique Lopez

It doesn’t take a philologist, or an expert in languages, to understand that we live in a society that is full of misinterpretation in grasping different languages. 428 more words

Brute Point - War

Basically, without war – or most conflicts for that matter – we wouldn’t be able to distinguish what peace is. It’s about contrast in context whether there is constant war and temporary peace or vice versa. 351 more words


Carefully Taught

There is a family I want to highlight because the little girl is already so compassionate and non-judgmental that she will certainly grow into an amazing adult and probably do remarkable things.  473 more words


That Powerful Agency

We humans are fairly good at analyzing and categorizing how we behave, how we think, how we emote and the patterns involved in our general cognition. 510 more words

Atheism & Freethought