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Frequency: more questions than answers

Having recently watched Inner Worlds Outer Worlds  I’ve been visualizing and reflecting a lot on the connections between energy and frequency and vibration and the patterns that make up our material reality (matter/anti-matter). 498 more words

The Whole Political Spectrum is Leftist

A political spectrum is supposed to be an objective way of evaluating, comparing and measuring the ideological distances between different people’s political opinions. I won’t get into all the different kinds of political spectra that exist, since that is irrelevant to my argument: to identify on a political spectrum is to identify as a leftoid. 888 more words


Somewhere above the noise

This morning, over coffee and the sounds of the vineyard harvest humming away in the background, accompanied by bird song (lovely) and the occasional disruptive rumble of a logging truck, the Tall Man and I mulled over the realities of “living away from it all,” which by most accounts, we do. 804 more words

Of crashing waves frozen in time and ski tracks in the snow

Hello world! I’m back after a long (and sadly, not a very unusual) hiatus. I just finished my first year of PhD – I’ve got a million anecdotes and stories which were supposed to posted out here, actually. 758 more words


Old Souls & Ayahuasca: Check points on the path to enlightenment

I believe in old souls.  Heck, I might be one. To me, an old soul has emotional and spiritual maturity. That maturity is less about exposure to spiritual teaching or even to spiritual practice. 620 more words


"I told you so"

When you’re a junior resident, you don’t often have the opportunity to throw this phrase around.  But when I was standing in the OR 14 days ago, plating my patient’s bone flap with screws and dogbones in order to replace it after a craniotomy for evacuation of an intraparenchymal hemorrhage, I doth said to my attending: 300 more words


Anonymity - Part 1

Over the last year or so, I have been brought to a heavy place internally to think honestly and deeply about anonymity online and what it really means for the most virtually, socially connected, and yet disconnected generation in human history.  1,598 more words