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Goodbye: Surrender or Control?

My teacher asks us what we are willing to give up for awakening. Awakening, he tells us, means you lose all of your ideas of self. 316 more words


Being hopeful vs getting your hopes up

I’ve missed writing this past week!

Hope. It gets us through difficult situations, it helps us manage painful experiences because we believe it can and will get better. 525 more words

Forever 99.99 %

Absolutes simply don’t exist. There is always room for improvement since nature is dynamic, therefore science is as well. Some believers have this argument that one cannot completely trust science and its methods, because it will always be off limits to the ultimate “truth”. 252 more words


Brute Point - Hypocrisy

Everyone is a hypocrite, in one instance or another. It is a flaw inherent in emotional outbursts where logic and research comes second, or intentional and sometimes self-delusional attempts at portraying a better, false image. 343 more words


Being Spiritually Naked Is Great, But Where Do You Keep Your Keys?

The dilemma as you let go of thinking that keeps you from being free is that your relationship with the world changes.  It takes a bit of doing to bring what your learn as you let go of Mind into how you function in the world. 613 more words


The Old Stuff

The familiar.
What makes for the look sideways,
Over there?
Just to make sure the stuff is in its place.

Is it the dream?
That maybe. 156 more words


Staring Into The Void

I live with two amazing women. Two amazing women who are very similar to me in interests and talents and who laugh at my jokes when they’re funny.  328 more words