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Dropping In

I’m done with the semester and back at home! What I wrote on the plane last night between episodes of Full House and JetBlue popcorn chips: 404 more words



Whenever I see something particularly interesting, even about a topic about which I have written before, I rejoice for now I have something to put on my blog that requires little effort or creativity on my part. 1,969 more words


Koh Lanta: Scuba diving, Philosophising and Crashing Scooters

I slunk into the hammock, letting my tired limbs flop heavily out of the canvas. Bloodshot, baggy eyes stared back at me in the reflection of the iPad. 3,080 more words

Seeing the Negative as Positive

When we set out to sketch, we typically draw the positive shapes we see before us…leaves, stems, vase or planter. This is normal and natural and we do well to follow the contours of these things. 523 more words


Self-Fulfillment or Recognition: Which Goal is More Rewarding?

“Why should I do anything?” is a good and basal question. Certainly, sustenance, shelter and sex is the primary demands for survival and continued existence. An existence spent trying to be useful, to leave behind marks on the world and experience everything one might. 432 more words



“Expecting marginalized peoples to disregard their own emotions to calmly educate you is the epitome of entitlement.”

Let’s examine this statement. Now, as I have expressed previously, emotions areĀ  1,040 more words