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Free Will Skepticism and Its Implications: An Argument for Optimism — Part 1

by Gregg D. Caruso


Contemporary theories of free will tend to fall into one of two general categories, namely, those that insist on and those that are skeptical about the reality of human freedom and moral responsibility. 3,890 more words


Being in the World 0: Introduction

This is the beginning of a new series on Existentialism and phenomenology based on Heidegger’s masterpiece Being and Time . This series presents an extended ontological analysis of a subject that concerns and involves us all: Being in the World. 108 more words


New Page - "Energy Alerts"

I have just added a Page “Energy Alerts” with links to websites which may help to navigate the energies.  Consciousness on Earth is evolving – stay focused on the positive and good things world-wide & locally, while doing what you can to help transform the “negative” to the Light.  36 more words


Beyond the power

kayaker on the James

The winds have died, the tempest tamed
our enemies have all been named!
Oh gluttenous, those never sated!
Oh greedy ones, in kingdoms gated! 49 more words


Year End Blues

I frankly don’t think anyone other than me scans my blog for every update, and after this long absence of about 4 months I believe it now, even if that was not the case previously, it is the situation now. 

522 more words
Real Life Based

The Last Straw of Fashion

Since the man learned to walk on his two limbs, used his language skills to converse and mastered the art of making jewelleries – fashion probably followed soon. 187 more words