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Truth and understanding

I feel truth resonates in the silence, or Nothingness. Between the words of our mind is Emptiness.

What I regard as Nothingness, is the absence of the whole body and the rest of creation. 229 more words

Hc And Reality

Stop Offering Me Marijuana

Every time I go uptown, people come up and try to offer me marijuana, and I have to explain to them that they’re contaminating public perceptions of my drug philosophy. 119 more words


Philosophy of One Piece: Self-sacrifice is a means of love and protection | The Highest Fire

In retrospect, I think some of the difficulty in writing the previous segment was that there wasn’t much to say about Rouge. She sacrificed her life to ensure her son could live; it was done to ensure a very basic quality of life – being alive. 1,913 more words

One Piece

The Philosophy of Plotinus: Part Six

Movement and rest in ‘thought’, the most intense activity and stillness in unity

Plotinus called the grasp by Intellect of the immaterial object – their  immediate identity and unity – ‘intuitive thought’. 1,559 more words


Is God helping you by letting you suffer?

I have recently started reading The Reason for God by Timothy Keller. This book is essentially about what the title suggests, an argument for God. 237 more words


The Yogi and the Rabbi

Explaining Hinduism to Westerners provides many difficulties. Even Devout Christians have a hard time understanding the Holy Trinity and how the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are the same “God”. 721 more words


What matters?

You might not even think about it, but you know what matters.  It seems to me that what matters is the most important thing in life.   25 more words