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The Pen Lesson

By Marc Gilson

It’s a rainy, windy morning in 1987. The semi-exposed concrete corridors of the community college echo with the strains of 50′s jazz – some red-eyed, break-of-dawn Miles Davis – through speakers somewhere above my head. 2,347 more words


Note on Agency

William Hasker notes in ‘The Emergent Self’ that:

‘Mechanistic causation and mechanastic explanation are fundamentally nonteleological.’ (p. 63)

In light of this, which I take to be a fairly accurate description of mechanistic philosophy, there cannot be a fully mechanistic account of human action. 30 more words


Pieter Geyl

When Pieter Catharinus Arie Geyl (1887–1966), one of the Netherlands’ foremost historians, was interred in a concentration camp because of his ‘suspect general mentality,’ he wrote the following poem. 137 more words


Hegel on the Dialectical Relationship of Cause and Effect

…though the cause has an effect and is at the same time itself effect, and the effect not only has a cause but is also itself cause… 164 more words



it is so
that we grow
into open spaces
and beyond them,
once in a while
we need to pause
and keenly observe
what we accumulate: 19 more words


Knowing-How and Knowing-That

“What is knowledge?” is a huge question. It usually focuses on a specific kind of knowledge called ‘propositional knowledge’, or ‘knowledge-that’. What is propositional knowledge? Do you know the name of the capital city of France? 996 more words