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Beyond Lies the Wub

Story Background
“Roog” was the first story Philip K. Dick sold, but “Beyond Lies the Wub” was the first he saw in print. It was published in the summer of 1952 in… 714 more words

Philip K Dick

We Don't Know

When you think about it, it’s actually quite odd that we even have the concept of certainty. Nothing is certain in our world. No proof can withstand existential ridicule for, with it, the ‘real’ existence of everything can be questioned. 107 more words


On the God within us

Seneca greets his dearest Lucilius.
1. You are doing an excellent thing, one which will be wholesome for you, if, as you write me, you are persisting in your effort to attain sound understanding; it is foolish to pray for this when you can acquire it from yourself. 1,481 more words


Do You Believe in Magic?

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

-Arthur C. Clarke

A good way to show off one’s ignorance of theology is to throw the word “magic” around.

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The Pen Lesson

By Marc Gilson

It’s a rainy, windy morning in 1987. The semi-exposed concrete corridors of the community college echo with the strains of 50′s jazz – some red-eyed, break-of-dawn Miles Davis – through speakers somewhere above my head. 2,347 more words


Note on Agency

William Hasker notes in ‘The Emergent Self’ that:

‘Mechanistic causation and mechanastic explanation are fundamentally nonteleological.’ (p. 63)

In light of this, which I take to be a fairly accurate description of mechanistic philosophy, there cannot be a fully mechanistic account of human action. 30 more words


Pieter Geyl

When Pieter Catharinus Arie Geyl (1887–1966), one of the Netherlands’ foremost historians, was interred in a concentration camp because of his ‘suspect general mentality,’ he wrote the following poem. 137 more words