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Since we have thumbs, does that mean that the dieties want us to text?


David Icke on Red Ice Radio: Origins of Israel & New Mono World Order

Ah but Jews are a race David and its proven in things such as Jewish diseases which only affect Jews or at least are more likely too. 107 more words

Politics And Political Corruption

Is it irrational to believe that human beings are rational beings ?

I want to believe that the entire human population is capable of rational thinking, reasoning as well as acting- and I do to some extent. However,looking at our history and the present situation the world finds itself in, it is not difficult to notice that surely humans are not rational beings- as much as we would like to be.Every individual is capable of rational thinking: studying information in an unbiased fashion, and acting according to evidence, and not personal beliefs or predispositions.   1,741 more words


Stifling discourse, on your Left

by Massimo Pigliucci

I may be in danger of becoming a libertarian. No, not the Rand Paul or even Pen Jillette type (or, worse, a Randian objectivist!). 2,884 more words



I saw my demon today.
Damn thing had nerve.
In my house?
Bloody bastard has no right here!
It belongs on the streets,
At public places. 185 more words


pain management

Its taken a few weeks. Or maybe a lifetime. Either way, this I have learnt: fulfillment comes from nowhere but within.

A lot of good and bad things have come my way lately. 320 more words


Hegel, mystic, and the 'Reason' of the 'master' race

‘the Old World exhibits the perfect diremption into three parts, one of which, Africa, the compact metal, the lunar principle, is rigid through heat, a land where man’s inner life is dull and torpid – the inarticulate spirit which has not awakened into consciousness; the second part is Asia, characterised by Bacchanalian extravagance and cometary eccentricity, the centre of unrestrained spontaneous production, formlessly generative and unable to become master of its centre. 203 more words