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Slavoj Žižek: The Hegelian Wound

For Hegel, spirit is the wound of nature, it derails every natural balance, but it is at the same time spirit itself which heals its own wound. 70 more words


Why is Philosophy not useless?

Before we dive into any type of consideration, let us decide whether the highly overused concept of uselessness has a firm basis for its quotidian use or it’s just a verbal habit that we’ve acquired without realizing it. 597 more words

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Smile at the World

This world and all the people in it could be beautiful. Sometimes I find it hard to believe humanity can be so cruel. I guess I like to see the good in people. 211 more words


It is the process that is beautiful, not the outcome

The shift in paradigm and the use of color are connected for me in the unconscious.  I remember a color that triggers a feeling or I remember a feeling that triggers a color.   202 more words


When you lose a hero

The other day I went to my friend’s son’s birthday party. It was super hero themed. It was awesome; we had fun and there was good company and good food. 541 more words


Words which influenced me the most

The words from Philosophy and

Psychoanalysis which have satisfied,

gratified and have become possessions for

authentications of my existence are

a) Ataraxia, meaning peace and tranquility… 48 more words



Like a wildfire, his spirit engulfs
dreams and aspirations
fuelled by strength beyond years
for reality, he lives
in pursuit of freedom and qualities
breaking barriers… 9 more words