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I will not Apologise…

At 10:30pm on Sunday, I put my popcorn in the microwave as part of my preparation to watch MoTD. When the Arsenal players came out of the tunnel, I saw that they were all wearing black armbands. 735 more words

Black Armbands

I am making challah tonight, which is a traditional Jewish bread. It requires two whole eggs and two egg yolks in the dough. I love making this bread because it displays well: it makes quite an appearance, braided and baked to a patina and covered with sesame seeds. 822 more words


Adam and Eve and North Dallas

The following is a true story, but you didn’t need to be told that. I mean, yes, don’t believe most of what you read or see on the internet, and certainly don’t buy everything I say. 711 more words


The Love of God... Is With Us

As a sinful and fallen people, darkness is our lot in life. Darkness is wherever light is absent. But light conquers darkness, and darkness is powerless to withstand it. 1,541 more words

Philosophy And Religion

Being Free, You and Me

Our Sunday thought for the day:

Throughout the centuries,
the species ‘Homo Sapiens’

( otherwise known as US – humankind )

has spent most of it’s time finding creative and high tech ways of killing, maiming, and robbing each other blind…… 348 more words

Dolly Parton says:

“I was born with a happy heart, and I try to keep a good attitude.
It’s not true that I’m happy all the time because nobody is, 7 more words