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My Personal Learning Theory?

     I started public school in 1958 after doing one year of kindergarten in a private school. Since that time, education has changed dramatically. From a face-to-face, pen and paper-learning environment to multiple technologies, networked, and online presented classes, the world of education has evolved. 516 more words

Knowledge is what you think with

I recently watched a video presentation by Andreas Schleicher, coordinator of the PISA programme at the OECD. It was one of those vision statements made in hushed tones that wowed the audience. 1,518 more words

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By Branch / Doctrine

Philosophy of Education is a label applied to the study of the purpose, process, nature and ideals of education. It can be considered a branch of both philosophy and education. 8 more words

Creating a Professional Resume -- thoughts to consider

At the end of their teacher training, each educator new to the profession is faced with applying for jobs which also means creating a professional resume.  1,638 more words


The state shouldn't "substitute itself" for the family (quote)

Now this end and object, the common welfare in the temporal order, consists in that peace and security in which families and individual citizens have the free exercise of their rights, and at the same time enjoy the greatest spiritual and temporal prosperity possible in this life, by the mutual union and co-ordination of the work of all. 40 more words


When I Grow Up...

Having spent 11 minutes with this 13 year old (virtually) I can say that I would love to spend some with him in person. He knows what he wants to do but is not so sure he knows what he wants to be. 8 more words

Personal Growth

Mind Benders

There are two main flaws with the Myers-Briggs personality test and each of them helps to illustrate a key feature of test design.

Firstly, the Myer-Briggs test is based on an inadequate theory of personality. 817 more words

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