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Thinking About Thinking 1

The study of philosophy – whether as an academic discipline, or the individually engaged pursuit of wisdom – has often been called “thinking about thinking.” This is a fairly vacuous description, not because it is wrong, but because it is so egregiously vague as to provide nothing beyond a comfortingly information-free verbalization that does not require us to attend to even a fourth word. 1,204 more words

Philosophy Of Logic

(E)merging Traffic

      What does it mean to say that some thing, quality, relation, or constellation of combinations of any of the above (as well as whatever I might not have mentioned) is “emergent”? 1,195 more words

Philosophy Of Logic

Intro 6: This Truth

So a dear someone
Made me realise this truth,
So gave me comfort.


Logic, Principles, Evidence, Facts

      There is a hierarchy of relational structures involved in any rational inquiry. No step or stage of this hierarchy may be legitimately skipped, although in various contexts certain of them may be relatively invisible. 1,347 more words

Philosophy Of Logic

Exempli Gratia: Misleading Authority

     The recent publication in the peer-reviewed scientific literature of research showing that 97% of Climate Scientists are convinced that, not only is global warming very real, but the principal forcings in global warming are anthropogenic[1] in nature has created quite a stir amongst the denialists. 1,118 more words

Philosophy Of Logic

What Is Science?

     Having floated the problem of legitimate authority the other day, it is worth considering some of the things that make an authority legitimate. And in that regard, few things in the world are supposed to occupy the role of legitimate authority to the extent that science does. 871 more words

Philosophy Of Logic

On Whose Authority?

One of the most widely recognized yet least well understood informal logical fallacies is the appeal to authority: the argumentum ad vericundiam. Most everyone understands that appealing to authority is, in some sense or other, an illegitimate move in any reasoned discussion. 596 more words

Philosophy Of Logic