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August has been a quiet month when it comes to fictional worlds research. Here’s a few reasons why.

Firstly, applying for funding takes time. As of yet, I have no funding at all for my research, and although I do my research at Helsinki University, I’m not employed there. 371 more words


JOB: Philosophy of Science and Environmental Ethics, Cal State U, East Bay





*OAA Position No. 15-16 PHIL-SCIENCE/ENVIRONMENT-TT 776 more words

Environmental Ethics

Some thoughts on microfoundations of entrepreneurship: emergence, aggregation, and supervenience

I have posted recently on the microfoundations of entrepreneurship, particularly of collective entrepreneurship. This latter term is used to denote the superset of team entrepreneurship or group entrepreneurship – whether as a startup or within and existing organization – and entrepreneurial ventures that are a strategic alliance of (usually small) firms, as in the wine trails and food hubs I am studying with my colleagues. 996 more words

Entrepreneurship Research

Is logic and mathematics part of science?

Last week was scientism week at Scientia Salon, and I reblogged a post by Coel Hellier on a defense of scientism, mostly by arguing that mathematics was actually part of science.   883 more words


Accommodationism from a physicist

On his Scientific American website Cross-Check, John Horgan interviews Carlo Rovelli, a physicist well known for his work on quantum gravity. They cover a number of topics, including whether there will soon be a “theory of everything” (Rovelli says no), the role of philosophy in physics, and the compatibility of science and religion.   1,691 more words


Final-Test of Philosophy of Science

Name                        : Ahmad Wael

NIM                         : 1308066086

Assignment         : Final-Test of Philosophy of Science

Section                   : A


  1. Explain the different between animal adaption and human alternative ?
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Philosophy Of Science

Mid-Test of Philosophy of Science

Name                         : Ahmad Wael

NIM                            : 1308066086

Assignment             : Mid-Test of Philosophy of Science

Section                       : A

  1. There are three basics of science, what are they?
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Philosophy Of Science