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Farming Versus Entropy

Though the vernal equinox is a couple months out yet, work here on the farm is ramping up as the days grow longer and the sun reaches towards higher noons. 909 more words


The Crooked Lines of Mr. Newton

Newton created his mechanics as something between an anti-atheist manifest and a treat of theology. Poor Sir Isaac, he had no idea he was gifting civilization with a major contribution to a godless world. 891 more words


Model-Centrism 2: Data Density

Within the limits of my own study, the idea of “data density” and its relation to science vs. pseudo-science, is not one that I recall having encountered. 1,281 more words


The Myth of the Scientific Method

James B. Conan remarks in his book Science and Common Sense, “[t]here is no such thing as the scientific method. If there were, surely an examination of the history of physics, chemistry and biology would reveal it.” 943 more words

Research Methods

Quantum mechanics and scientific realism

by Quentin Ruyant

One of the main tasks of philosophy is to clarify conceptual problems and sketch the landscape of possible solutions to these problems. Of course, individual philosophers often tend to defend specific positions, but what emerges at the level of the community is, generally, a landscape of possibilities. 4,663 more words


The philosophy of science, through Christian eyes

The humanist believes this world is all there is. Life is defined chemically and physiologically, within totally naturalistic confines. They reason that if the reality of our world is entirely natural, then definition is relatively easy.

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Truthiness of irrelevant detail in explanations from neuroscience to mathematical models

Truthiness is the truth that comes from the gut, not books. Truthiness is preferring propositions that one wishes to be true over those known to be true. 1,696 more words