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Exploring the Relationship Between Virtue Ethics and Moral Identity

Jeong, C., & Han, H. (2013). Exploring the Relationship between Virtue Ethics and Moral Identity. Ethics & Behavior, 23(1), 44-56. doi:10.1080/10508422.2012.714245

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To share (“teilen”, … ) ist etymologisch verwandt mit to shear (“scheren”, “ schneiden”, “ trennen”, … ).

Philosophy Of Science

The Problem of Identity in Biology

Budimir Zdravkovic
The City College of New York


I: A Discourse of Biological Concepts

In the last century great leaps in technology and scientific understanding have allowed us to thoroughly investigate our bodies and how they function. 2,640 more words


Smart people problems: a philosophy of ignorance

Richard Feynman concludes his second volume of memoirs, What do you care what other people think?, with a short essay titled “The Value of Science”.   780 more words

Philosophy Of Science

Mathematics as a Science

Before abandoning philosophy completely as an interest, there were some philosophical problems that I was curios about. They were all about epistemological aspects of mathematics. The problems I was into are of the type: “How do we attain mathematical truths?”, “What is the intellectual and cognitive ability of mind that lets one to do mathematics?” “Is there any analogy between obtaining facts about physical world and obtaining facts about mathematics?” “What are the differences between physical knowledge and mathematical knowledge?” “What makes mathematics hard?” “Why axiomatic statements seem obviously true, and theorem statements are not obviously true? 929 more words


Science and the Subjective

The word science is derived from Latin, scire, meaning to know. Man’s quest to unravel the secrets of reality began as natural philosophy, a branch of philosophy proper. 1,494 more words

Book Review: What Galileo Saw- Lawrence Lipking


To Lawrence Lipking, what Galileo saw was more than just the surface of Moon or the moons of Jupiter. “Galileo imagined a solar system long before he could hope to prove it” according to Lipking. 418 more words