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Imitation of Life

Recently, my wife and I have decided to transition towards vegetarianism. For me, this is partly driven by meat heavy Czech dishes, like roasted pork, grilled duck and pork liver that make me wish I had just ordered a salad. 1,334 more words

Philosophy Of Science

Is Philosophy Obsolete? - The Chronicle Review

Rebecca Goldstein appears to be on a campaign to defend philosophy.  In this essay, she defends its ability to make progress, and questions whether it should be lumped in with the humanities.   229 more words


Cross-validation in finance, psychology, and political science

A large chunk of machine learning (although not all of it) is concerned with predictive modeling, usually in the form of designing an algorithm that takes in some data set and returns an algorithm (or sometimes, a description of an algorithm) for making predictions based on future data. 2,002 more words


Vulnerability in Scientific Theories without Popperian falsification

Popper held that falsifiability is what demarcates science from pseudoscience.  Pseudoscientific theories are compatible with all possible observation.  By contrast, scientific theories “stick their necks out”, where certain observations falsify the theory. 492 more words

Philosophy Of Science

Déjà Vu All Over Again

When I was a kid I had an immense fear of infinity. I would lie awake at night picturing a vast desert that stretched out infinitely in all directions, devoid of any objects save for prickly cacti scattered about the empty landscape. 1,345 more words

Philosophy Of Science

Science is Not As Easy As You Think: Underdetermination Edition

What I’m about to claim will probably either come as a shock or confirm long-held suspicions: the scientific method—that system of coming up with and then experimentally testing hypotheses that we learned in middle school—is… 718 more words

Pop Philosophy

"Finite Additivity, Another Lottery Paradox, and Conditionalisation," C. Howson (2014)

If you know the probability theorist Bruno de Finetti, you know him either for his work on exchangeable processes, or for his legendary defense of finite additivity. 1,010 more words

Philosophy Of Science