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George Ellis and Joe Silk attack untestable cosmologocial theories in Nature

I found this Evolution News post about it, thanks to a J. Warner Wallace tweet. The article they linked is by two well-known cosmologists.

EN writes: 745 more words


Scientific Explanation - Part 4

Last time I wrote about scientific explanation I was talking about Hempel and his DN and IS models, and how he said explanation and prediction were symmetrical (both are arguments that have the same structure). 702 more words


Laws in the Social Sciences - Part 2

So we ended yesterday on the note that there are no laws in the social sciences, according to Roberts, because hedged laws aren’t really laws. Thankfully, Harold Kincaid disagrees. 1,451 more words


"Minimal Model Explanations," R.W. Batterman & C.C. Rice (2014)

I unfortunately was overseas and wasn’t able to attend the recent Stanford conference on Causality in the Social Sciences; a friend organized the event and was able to put together a really incredible set of speakers: Nancy Cartwright, Chuck Manski, Joshua Angrist, Garth Saloner and many others. 1,245 more words


Thoughts on a 'Transcendental Realism'

As I was running out to the pet store last night to grab an e-collar for my cat, the thought occurred to me that it might be fruitful to see if the transcendental aspect of Kant’s metaphysic could be married with realism. 362 more words


Laws in the Social Sciences - Part 1

Are there laws in the social sciences? Some say yay, some say nay. John Roberts says nay.

I guess that first off we need to ask why this even matters. 1,080 more words


Laws are False or Useless

Usually we’d say that laws of nature that we accept are laws that describe the phenomena we observe around us, such as any of the laws in physics that seem to explain stuff. 881 more words