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A Theorist's Apology

Almost four months have snuck by in silence, a drastic change from the weekly updates earlier in the year. However, dear reader, I have not abandoned TheEGG; I have just fallen off the metaphorical horse and it has taken some time to get back on my feet. 2,349 more words


Making Sense 1

In making sense of things – of anything, really – there are at least three factors involved: logical coherence, empirical adequacy, and narrative intelligibility. The last item there, “narrative intelligibility,” is the tricky one, and the one that many people tend to forget about. 1,307 more words

Critical Thinking

All That Other Stuff...

August has been a quiet month when it comes to fictional worlds research. Here’s a few reasons why.

Firstly, applying for funding takes time. As of yet, I have no funding at all for my research, and although I do my research at Helsinki University, I’m not employed there. 371 more words


JOB: Philosophy of Science and Environmental Ethics, Cal State U, East Bay


Faculty Employment Opportunity
Department of Philosophy
Full-time, tenure-track
OAA Position No. 15-16 PHIL-SCIENCE/ENVIRONMENT-TT 651 more words

Environmental Ethics

Some thoughts on microfoundations of entrepreneurship: emergence, aggregation, and supervenience

I have posted recently on the microfoundations of entrepreneurship, particularly of collective entrepreneurship. This latter term is used to denote the superset of team entrepreneurship or group entrepreneurship – whether as a startup or within and existing organization – and entrepreneurial ventures that are a strategic alliance of (usually small) firms, as in the wine trails and food hubs I am studying with my colleagues. 996 more words

Entrepreneurship Research

Is logic and mathematics part of science?

Last week was scientism week at Scientia Salon, and I reblogged a post by Coel Hellier on a defense of scientism, mostly by arguing that mathematics was actually part of science.   883 more words


Accommodationism from a physicist

On his Scientific American website Cross-Check, John Horgan interviews Carlo Rovelli, a physicist well known for his work on quantum gravity. They cover a number of topics, including whether there will soon be a “theory of everything” (Rovelli says no), the role of philosophy in physics, and the compatibility of science and religion.   1,691 more words