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The big problems with social science—The idea of a social science, part 1

With this article I’m launching an occasional series about the social sciences and their place in a democratic society. This is a huge topic, and I’m not going to try to cover it all at once. 1,701 more words

Scientific Anti-Realism and Unobservables

Scientific realists generally think we should believe in the observable and unobservable entities posited by our best scientific theories. Anti-realists oppose realism in various ways. One motivation to be an antirealist comes from empiricist worries about unobservables. 552 more words

Philosophy Of Science

Has “philosophical superficiality” harmed physics?

John Horgan interviews quantum gravity expert Carlo Rovelli. Can science attain absolute truth? “I have no idea what ‘absolute truth’ means. I think that science is the attitude of those who find funny the people saying they know something is absolute truth. 127 more words

P2: What Can I Know?

Back To Axiology

This piece mostly discusses axiology. Specifically, this piece speaks to contemporary situation in the United States, but, if the reader tries to generalize it they might see the situation expressing itself in other areas of the world. 6,605 more words


Personification and pseudoscience

If you study the philosophy of science — and sometimes even if you just study science — then at some point you might get the urge to figure out what you mean when you say ‘science’. 1,062 more words


The rooting of historical linguistics

Most of the harder problems in the methodology of historical linguistics seem to come from it being a fairly “high-order” discipline, and a relatively isolated one at that. 1,159 more words

Historical Linguistics