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14th August Musings

A man in his youth was reading Quran . He wasn’t an imam or mullah or an iconic Islamic scholar but was just a sharp intellectual . 222 more words

Philosophy & Politics

Pol Pot Memorial International Prize

I have created a petition to establish an International Criminal prize named after our “beloved” Pol Pot, in an effort to counter balance The Nobel Peace prize. 39 more words


The Wisdom of Becoming Palestinian

Not so long ago Palestine saved the Israeli people from the Pharaoh’s wrath, protected them, gave them refuge and hope.
Not so long ago Palestine and North Africa saved the Israeli people from Isabella’s zealousness, protected them, gave them refuge and hope. 114 more words


Writing is hard because we like it that way

My friend and fellow word-herder Will Buckingham has something  to say about the pleasure – and pain – of writing. In short Mr. Buckingham believes writers like to big up the misery experienced while writing in order make ourselves look all brooding, dark and mysterious, instead of the shallow pleasure seekers we truly are. 335 more words

Writing & Publishing

Success. It's not what you think it is.

The problem with success is, it never ends.

We talk a lot about success even when we don’t use the word. Who has the best job. 814 more words

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