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Day 7 (SEVEN) - 12 Pubs, Christmas Presents and Giving Advice.

On Tuesday I’ll probably wake up to find my liver has enough of my shenanigans, leaving me a note about how it has wasted its youth on me and how it’s best we have a break. 746 more words

Day To Day

The Challenging Thought

I’ve been reading a book on scientific revolution. Again.

Except for textbooks, is there any other kind? Is someone going to write about how science just sat still? 895 more words

Human Nature

Layman's Corner: Is Math "Real"?

As poor as I am at math, I certainly hope the answer to the question of “Is math real?” is an emphatic “no”.

This, my first in what will certainly be many attempts to make a fool of myself on weighty philosophical topics, I want to discuss the nature of mathematics and its relation to the “real” world. 839 more words


Deconstructing McLaren’s “Hostility”

Brian McLaren’s latest outing is entitled Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road? (Jericho Books, 2012). The book is written primarily for those with “an internal unrest about Christian identity,” and who are “seeking a way of being Christian that makes you more hospitable, not more hostile…more loving, not more judgmental…more like Christ and less (I’m sad to have to say this) like many churchgoers you have met” (p. 1,761 more words


There is not love of life without despair about life.

Albert Camus, L’Étranger

La Vue

I Miss Directing

it aches in my bones
watching, up there,
wonderful performances
imagery, storytelling
oh to be there, in that moment
emoting along with the actors
the diligent crew, a wound spring… 25 more words


Taking Fear's Power Away

Don’t give fear power over your life. When you make something a big deal in your mind you only create a bigger problem for yourself to overcome. 44 more words