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Talking about Race, and How to Love All People

This post is inspired by the recent events in Ferguson, Missouri. I wasn’t there, so I cannot formulate what happened exactly, but what I can say right now is that it’s important to talk about race issues. 1,322 more words

My Thoughts

Unclogging the Soul

The news has been pretty overwhelming for my middle aged mind to wrap around lately. The aftermath in Ferguson doesn’t make sense to me, even if you whole-heartedly have an opinion on the decision. 720 more words

“Never burn bridges because you never know when you’ll need to cross them.”

“How many did you burn?” asks Jericho.

“Too many. None of them were rebuilt except one.”

“Which one?” asks Jasmine.

“My friend Thomas. He hated being called Tom or Tommy because when he was a kid he was bullied and the bullies taunted him by calling him “Little Tom” or they’d say “Little Tommy has a hot mommy.” I met him in college and we became good friends. 212 more words


Spooky Action at a Distance

I’m a huge fan of Albert Einstein. So much so, that when my friends had band posters up on their walls in High School, I had this up on my wall instead. 555 more words

Albert Einstein


Johnathan Nelson – Finish Strong



It’s another time of thanks. It’s another time to celebrate.

The history of thanksgiving is rooted in the fact that God allowed the Pilgrims to overcome a season of trials and tribulations that threatened their lives. 937 more words


Pride/Shame: Gandhi/Non-Violence as Violence [excerpt]

The contemporary Alone Self’s baseless esteem is challenged by the presence of other concerns esteemed through experiences with reality. Not to pervert Gandhi’s motives, but let us look at his oft-quoted advice about changing the world: 778 more words


The Sound of Silence

Hello.  Good evening.  And isn’t it such a good evening?

I’m cozy at the moment. My life is still and quiet. When I wake up, I add cinnamon to a fresh cup of black coffee.   1,192 more words