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House of probability: a puzzle

This post will start with a puzzle of sorts which is not supposed to be difficult but rather thought-provoking. Enjoy!

Room 1

You are led into a room with 5 bins. 1,525 more words



I don’t believe in God, but I believe in destiny, and I also believe in free will.  I feel that our souls are put on this earth for a reason, and they are given free will to complete that destiny as best as they see fit.  230 more words


A job to hold. A status to portray.An economic condition to uphold, in order to belong to a class.

Standards, yardsticks, conformity skills, to fit into society. 634 more words


Obliviously Resilient

I’ve always taken comfort from my sense of resilience, but noticed recently that it appears to be waning. I seem to be more sensitive than before to the emotional jarring that goes with betrayal, and this concerns me. 607 more words



To many people, the word acceptance implies a resolution; a positive and peaceful state of being because of thinking that everything will be okay.  In my opinion, acceptance is just a fancy, mature-sounding word that means someone had to settle for unfavourable circumstances (knowingly but sometimes unknowingly).   24 more words


Cheating with my liquid lover....

i’m so sorry dear Lord, she snared my emotions and gutted me bringing me to full lust…

Lord, my mind can no longer harbor the wisdom i have… 377 more words