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The bad ones are always unhappy: they serve to test a few fair ones scattered on earth; and there is no evil which does not result a good. 41 more words


An Absence of Sun

People speak of the “dark night of the soul”. It is real. It is overwhelming. You wake up to it and wonder where the door is. 640 more words

Human Interest

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The opportunity to do evil appears hundred times a day and to do good, once a year, says Zoroaster.

- Voltaire – Zadig or The Book of Fate… 29 more words


The Most Important Thing To Remember

Life is short. And it’s really easy to waste the very little time that we have. Probably the biggest waste of time is allowing ourselves to be agitated. 76 more words

learning things

Anyone can learn anything.

But the slope of the learning curve depends on numerous factors like-

drive,dedication,support from society,infrastructure in society,innate ability(like IQ), and other things like knowing the right people.

Find the Socrates in you

The other day I felt pretty desperate when finding myself in front of the following in a shop – in October:

I felt like takingĀ a “before” picture, undo their entire tree and take an “after” picture. 117 more words


“Let an ideology be tested not only by word, but by practice, to prove the validity of its claims.”

-Shayne Mason Vincent-