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The Laws of Nature - Philosophy

The laws of nature are primarily what scientist discover.  Science is the discovery and explanation of the laws of nature.  What are the laws of nature?  310 more words


It’s Not a Crying Shame for a Man

It’s common to see men refuse or denounce the benefits of crying. Letting the waterworks go, in moments of deep change, anger, and upsetting situations, is beneficial for the eventual ease of mind. 229 more words

You always have a Choice. When Change happens, You can come kicking & screaming OR You can come smiling. That alone is your choice, it certainly is not whether you come or not.

8 more words

The Courage to Surrender

Who is really in charge of your life? Can you actually find fulfillment or control your destiny by living life “your way”? Life has a way of destroying our plans. 354 more words

Union With Christ

Spanning the Waters -- NaPoWriMo #18 the tiniest of rubaiyats

The river rushes between steep banks
Of pebble and mud, without a word of thanks
to the hips of the bridge that spans its width, 61 more words



So there we were in the car driving home on a lovely almost-spring day also known as Easter. I was mentally shuffling through the heap of junk I call my brain, trying to remember all ten of the commandments. 735 more words


Metta Monday: Beauty and Imperfection

“Our lives our beautiful only because our lives are imperfect.”

-William Kim