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30 Days of “A Year of Living Your Yoga” — Day 20: Mind Your Own Business

Welcome to Day 20 of my blog series based on Judith Hansen-Lasater’s “A Year of Living Your Yoga.”

I will try to keep these posts to less than 500 words. 827 more words


Stairway Quote #257

“There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.”



Page 77

Do not assume that 

academics seek the TRUTH

or that

clergy seek GODLINESS

of that 

lawyers seek the LAW

or that

justices seek JUSTICE.

Start with no assumptions.


교육이 진실성을 찾는다고 

생각하지 말아라


성직자들이 신앙심을 찾는것을

생각하지 말아라


변호사들이 법을 찾는것을

생각하지 말아라


정의가 정의를 찾는것을

생각하지 말아라

편견 없는 시각을 가져라


Daily Quote

“He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.” Friedrich Nietzsche

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The Self-Existence of God

On a mountain on the backside of a desert, Moses worshipped the God who revealed Himself to be the great I AM. In the temple of Jerusalem, the feverish Pharisees faced the ageless Christ who declared, “Before Abraham was, I am.” In both statements, … 541 more words


EH&D: Rumblings

Before I can actually start writing, I have to chase some threads of thought that aren’t going to end up in the book. What follows reflects some of what will surely be in the book, but it does not match the tone and focus of the book. 881 more words


Listen by the Thumb, Live by the Thumb

Have you ever come across a song in your online music stream that was just ok? Riveting question, I know. Actually it is.

See, the point is that online music streaming services like Pandora operate on the premise that you get to hear the music you like, not what some focus group at Clear Channel decides is most marketable to your assumed target demographic. 439 more words