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Who Will Answer? Relevant Today as it was in 1967

This is a really quirky song you don’t hear on your local radio station’s ‘oldies weekend.’ Here are some details from Wikipedia:

  • released as a single in November 1967, is the title track of the 1968 album Who Will Answer?
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Gooey Philosophy

In Ecclesiastes 12:12, Solomon noted the vanity of excessive bookishness. ┬áJust for giggles, let’s quote the passage from the Vulgate:

faciendi plures libros nullus finis frequensque meditatio carnis adflictio est…

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Cry. Then cry again, because this is reality.

Whether this was a misguided black man or a nigger,* it doesn’t matter. The bottom line is that the verbal antagonism didn’t in any way require a response of more than a taser. 441 more words


Propter the inherent obfuscation...

Propter the inherent obfuscation, I shrink from ostentation qua ostentation; ergo this sentence is an obligation to be accepted as a modern legal allegation concerning the noyance of 21st century monoglottism quid pro quo.


By their fruits we shall know them

Nothing will be solved while the MSM and institutions are infiltrated by Neo-Marxists.

A Marxist viewpoint – and the problem is that many are unable to see that even everyday platitudes are now Marxist – (*example below) there will be no solution and much gnashing of teeth and tearing of hair and an ever increasing amount of money thrown at social problems. 123 more words