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The Brain: The Great Equalizer - Fight, Flight or Freeze

One of the great things about being an instructor of any kind is that you will be exposed to a wide variety of people, with different backgrounds and education levels. 945 more words

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When is Krav Maga no longer Krav Maga? The liberty of adding new things in Krav Maga.

An old colleague of mine, a much respected Krav Maga instructor, wrote an article about how students can find a genuine Krav Maga instructor under which to learn.   932 more words


Be aggressive but be calm. Release your inner animal ! not your inner demon!

For those who have been training Krav Maga with us for a while, you will agree that it is pretty easy to do some significant damage to other human beings.   583 more words

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Caring for Your Community: To Act or Not to Act, That is the Question


Recently, a purse was snatch from a woman in one of the many crowded malls in Metro Vancouver (see above video). This occurrence may seem fairly common, but what is clearly demonstrated is that despite the fact she’s asking for help, not a single person does. 962 more words

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