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April 17, 2014

The Project365 challenge for today was “BIRD.” OK, I know you’re scratching your head and wondering why I have a flower, but I do have a logical explanation.   389 more words

If You Were A Hungry Bird....

Let’s go with the “If” thing, something that we normally steer away from doing (i.e., If I had million of dollars) But let’s do it here. 255 more words

Butterfly Types

Trip home to Pittsburgh: photographs

I took a trip to Pittsburgh to visit family last weekend, along with Lena, of course. We visited Phipps Conservatory where my grandmother had one of her Japanese flower arrangements in a show there, toured Chatham University, which is one of the possible transfer universities I’ve applied to, drove past some of the houses where I grew up so I could take a few shots, spent time at my mother’s house with my two sisters and visited Teddy, the quarter horse I had from ages 10-16, who is now a retired pasture potato on someone else’s farm. 18 more words


365 - 87 Jurassic Park

Sorry guys just wasn’t feeling well this evening, had a bad headache.

Just a quick one from Phipps:


Heinz Ketchup and the Phipps Conservatory

Here we are 3 days into Spring, and Pittsburgh thermometers read 38 degrees F, plus or minus. Most of the U.S. shares the same mood, popularized by those Heinz TV commercials, not long ago. 312 more words

For Interested Students

Dances with Cutch

With baseball season upon us, my ideal date is obviously a trip to PNC, ideally on Free Shirt Friday, where the meal consists of something loaded, cheesy, and salty enough to make your walk back to the car a foray down struggle street.   299 more words


Project 365 | Day 78 My Photographic Nemesis

For today I am posting what I refer to as my nemesis in photography.  I have been trying to photograph this cactus for many years and just have never been satisfied with the results.   147 more words